20 Creative Wreath Ideas for Christmas

Wreath is a great accent for doors during the holidays as well as year round. It always come as an auspicious symbol: sometimes to mark the victory over enemy, sometimes to speak the language of goodwill and even indicating the future. Take a look at these Creative Wreath Ideas for inspiration. You can use materials such as paper, photo, bottle cap, wine cork, or candy cane. Anyone can be an artist when it comes to making wreaths because there is nothing difficult about the project.

Lots of Creative Wreath Ideas for Christmas!
wreath ideas

Holiday Wreath with Antlers.
1 holiday wreath with antlers

Holiday Wreath with Antlers, source

Yarn wreath featuring wintry cream tones.
2 yarn wreath featuring wintry cream tones

yarn wreath featuring wintry cream tones, source

Personalized Crayon Wreath.
3 personalized crayon wreath

Personalized Crayon Wreath, source

Vintage paper cone wreath.
4 vintage paper cone wreath

vintage paper cone wreath, source

Cute Christmas Wreath.
5 cute christmas wreath

Cute Christmas Wreath, source

Photo Wreath of Family Babies.
6 photo wreath of family babies

Photo Wreath of Family Babies, source

Pine Cone Wreath.
7 pine cone wreath

Pine Cone Wreath, source

Bottle Cap Wreath.
8 bottle cap wreath

Bottle Cap Wreath, source

Wine Cork Wreath.
9 wine cork wreath

Wine Cork Wreath, source

Cookie Wreath.
10 cookie wreath

Cookie Wreath, source

Snowball Wreath.
11 snowball wreath

Snowball Wreath, source

Snowflakes Wreath.
12 snowflakes wreath

Snowflakes Wreath, source

Wooden Snowflake Wreath.
13 wooden snowflake wreath

Wooden Snowflake Wreath, source

Pompom Wreath.
14 pompom wreath

Pompom Wreath, source

Marshmallow Wreath.
15 marshmallow wreath

Marshmallow Wreath, source

Candy Cane Door Wreath.
16 candy cane door wreath

Candy Cane Door Wreath, source

Paper Craft Wreath.
17 paper craft wreath

Paper Craft Wreath, source

Awesome Button Wreath.
18 awesome button wreath

Awesome Button Wreath, source

Shotgun Shell Wreath.
19 shotgun shell wreath

Shotgun Shell Wreath, source

DIY Burlap Witch Wreath.
20 diy burlap witch wreath

DIY Burlap Witch Wreath, source


  1. Becky Poynter Reply

    I would like more craft ideas for year round wreaths,and crafts.

  2. Paige @ Reasons to Come Home Reply

    Thanks for featuring my witch wreath! Love all the ideas for Christmas especially the snowflake and pompom wreaths!

  3. Linda Reply

    Love the wreaths

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