20 Cool Book Sculptures for Inspiration

Book Sculpture is a form of sculpturing art made with books. In this post, we collected 20 Book Sculptures for your inspiration.

Cool Book Sculptures for Inspiration!

Book Sculptures by Julya Hajnoczky

Book Sculptures by Julya Hajnoczky,

Red lips

Red lips Book Sculpture,


Book Sculptures by liz hamman

Book Sculptures by liz hamman,

Book Sculptures by kelly.obp

Book Sculptures by kelly.obp,


Skull Book Sculpture,


3D Landscape Book Sculpture

3D Landscape Book Sculpture,

The Tree of Love

The Tree of Love Book Sculpture,


Book Sculptures by Jonathan Callan

Book Sculptures by Jonathan Callan,


Book Sculpture by Wim Botha

Book Sculpture by Wim Botha,


Peter Pan Book Sculpture

Peter Pan Book Sculpture,


Tower of Books

Tower of Books,

Film Star by John Latham

Film Star Book Sculpture by John Latham,

Book Sculpture by S├ębastien Magro

Book Sculpture by S├ębastien Magro,


Book Sculpture by Su Blackwell

Book Sculpture by Su Blackwell,


Book Ball Sculpture

Book Ball Sculpture,

Bristol Museum Book Sculpture

Bristol Museum Book Sculpture,

Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel Book Sculpture,


Icarus Book Sculpture

Icarus Book Sculpture,

Yacht Book Sculpture

Yacht Book Sculpture,

The Night Circus Book Sculpture

The Night Circus Book Sculpture,

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