55 Cool Collar Bone Tattoos

Creative collar bone tattoos will make you look unique and different from others. You can put a quote or a variety of different symbols on the collarbone. Here are 55 Cool Collar Bone Tattoos which may inspire you. Symbols of bird, feather, flower, butterfly, star and attractive font style are used in these collar bone tattoos.

Birds and Feather

birds feather collar bone 1


Birds and Cursive Words

birds cursive words 2

Bird and Word Tattoo on Right Collar Bone

bird word tattoo collar bone 3

3 Little Birds

Bird and Flowers

bird flowers collar bone 5

Bird Cage

bird cage collar bone 6

Collarbone Tattoo for Girl

collarbone tattoo for girl 7

Cute Collar Bone Tattoo

cute collar bone tattoo 8

Right Collar Bone Bird Tattoo for Girl

collar bone bird tattoo girl 9

Script Letters on Collar Bone for Girl

script letters collar bone girl 10

Fantasies Unwind

fantasies unwind collar bone 11

3D Nails Tattoo

3d nails tattoo collar bone 12

3D Clavicle Bone Tattoo

3d clavicle bone tattoo 13

Swallow Birds and Lettering on Collar Bone

swallow birds and lettering 14

Cursive Lettering on Collar Bone

cursive lettering collar bone 15

Japanese Symbols for “True Until Death”

japanese symbols tattoo 16

Dragonfly on Left Collarbone

dragonfly on collarbone 17

Clock on Right Collar Bone

clock on right collar bone 18

Human Barcode on Left Collarbone

human barcode on collarbone 19

Roses Painted on Collarbone

roses painted on collarbone 20

Body Language for “Stay True”

body language for stay true 21

Stars On Collar Bones

stars on collar bones 22

Roman Numerals on Left Collar Bone

roman numerals collar bone 23

Tree of Life on Left CollarBone

tree of life collarbone 24

Swallow Bird on Left Collar Bone

swallow bird collar bone 25

Cursive Font on Left Collar Bone

cursive font collar bone 26

Tiny Anchor Tattoo

tiny anchor tattoo 27

Tiny Text Tattoo – “I Love You”

tiny text tattoo love 28

Fate Fell Short

fate fell short collar bone 29

Cursive Letters and Birds

cursive letters and birds 30

Blossoms and Bird

blossoms bird collarbone 31

Elk Collarbone Tattoo for Men

elk collarbone tattoo for men 32

Feather on Left Collar Bone

feather on left collar bone 33

Mickey and Minnie

mickey and minnie collar bone 34

Chemical Symbols

chemical symbols collarbone 35

Bird and Cursive Font Letters

bird and cursive font letters 36

Flowers and Letters with Heart Shape

flowers letters heart shape 37


be ok collar bone tattoo 38

Feather and Script Letters

feather script letters 39

Flowers on Collar Bones

flowers collar bones 40

The course of true love never did run smooth

course love collar bone 41

Script Letters on Left Collar Bone

script letters collar bone 42

I’m a mess, I confess

im a mess, i confess 43

I am enough the way I am

i am enough the way i am 44

Small Bike Tattoo

small bike tattoo collar bone 45

I refuse to sink

i refuse to sink collar bone 46

Love Fearlessly

love fearlessly collar bone 47

Roses and Words Tattoo for Girl

roses and words tattoo for girl 48

Little Boat

little boat collar bone tattoo 49

Heart Beat

heart beat collar bone tattoo 50

Family Infinity

family infinity collar bone tattoo 51

Music Notes Collarbone Tattoo

music notes collarbone tattoo 52

Tropical Bliss

tropical bliss collar bone tattoo 53


dreamcatcher collar bone tattoo 54

Music in the Wind

music in the wind collar bone 55

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