20+ Cool Decorative Shelving Ideas

Check out these Cool Decorative Shelving Ideas that will help you decorate your laundry room, workshop, bathroom and bedroom. They not only provide shelf space for storage of personal items, but also fill in empty space in the rooms and make your room design more creative.

Cool Decorative Shelving Ideas!

Donkey Kong Wall Shelves

Donkey Kong Wall Shelves,

Ladder Shelf

The old ladder was used as a lovely display shelf behind a couch.

Ladder Shelf. The old ladder was used as a lovely display shelf behind a couch.

Face Shelving Idea

Face Shelving Idea,

Unique Shelves

Unique Shelves,

Whale Shelving Idea

Whale Shelving Idea,

Skateboard Shelf

Skateboard Shelf,

Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelf,

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf,

Build-in Bookshelves with Backlighting

Build in Bookshelves with Backlighting,

Equilibrium Bookcase

Equilibrium Bookcase Decorative Shelving,

Stacked Teacup Shelves

Stacked Teacup Shelves,

Has been Read / Will be Read

Has been Read or Will be Read

Tree Bookcase

Tree Bookcase Decorative Shelving,

Spiral Shelving Idea

Spiral Shelving Idea,

Perfect Score Bookshelves

Perfect Score Bookshelves,

K Workstation

K Workstation Decorative Shelving Idea,


Bookseat Decorative Shelving Idea,

Framing Shelf

Framing Shelf,

Letterkast Shelf

Letterkast Shelf,

CTline Shelving System

CTline Shelving System,

Hybrid of Armchair and Bookshel

Hybrid of Armchair and Bookshel,


Pulseline Decorative Shelving Idea,

Pegboard Bookshelf with Pencils and String

Pegboard Bookshelf with Pencils and String,

Wooden Treehouse Shelf

Wooden Treehouse Shelf,

Vintage Display Shelf

Vintage Display Shelf,

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