30+ Cool Girl Scout SWAPS Ideas

SWAPS, also known as Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere, are small tokens of friendship between two Girl Scouts. They are the perfect way for Girl Scouts to meet each other and promote friendship. Each one is a memory of a special event or Girl Scout Sister. Enjoy these cool girl scout SWAPS ideas and share with others about your most favorite ones.

Wizard of OZ Girl

1 wizard of oz girl

Promise Swap Idea

2 diy promise swap idea

Tiny Milk Carton Favor Boxes

3 tiny milk carton favor boxes

Zipper Heart Ornament

4 diy zipper heart ornament

Mummy Popsicle Stick Wrapped in White Yarn

5 mummy popsicle stick white yarn

Mini Clipboard

6 mini clipboard girl scout swaps

Archery Set

7 archery set girl scout swaps

First Aid Kit

8 first aid kit girl scout swaps

Bottle Cap Pins

9 bottle cap pins

Pony Bead Lollypop SWAPS

10 pony bead lollypop swaps

Origami Shirt Craft

11 origami shirt craft

Birthday Cake

12 birthday cake girl scout swaps

Troop Necklaces

13 troop necklaces girl scout swaps

Fortune Cookie Swaps

14 fortune cookie swaps

Cinnamon Gingerbread Man SWAP

15 cinnamon gingerbread man swap

Horned rimmed Glasses

16 horned rimmed glasses


17 compass girl scout swaps

Flip-flops and cameras

18 flip flops and cameras

Paper Craft Doll

19 homemade paper craft doll

Girl Scout Law Card

20 girl scout diy law card

Cowboy Hat

21 cowboy hat girl scout swaps

Pirate Treasure Map

22 pirate treasure map craft

Styrofoam Hats

23 diy styrofoam hats

Magnifying Glass Swap

24 magnifying glass swap

Sparkly Lady Bugs

25 homemade sparkly lady bugs

Foam Ladybug

26 foam ladybug girl scout swaps

Dream Catcher

27 dream catcher girl scout swaps

Perler Bead Flower Heart

28 perler bead flower heart

Uncle Sam Crafts for Patriotic SWAP

29 uncle sam crafts for patriotic swap


30 bag swaps girl scout swaps


31 boomerang girl scout swaps

Clothespin Mermaid

32 clothespin mermaid


  1. maria Reply

    hi I am a troop leader. how can I get my troop number and girls names on the necklace washers. thank you

    • M.Y. Reply

      You should read about metal stamping. I love these but have never tried it.

  2. Lesh Reply

    I like the bag idea. Very smart.

  3. Yvonne Greene Reply

    To leave your Scout’s names on the washers, you could use a fine tipped permanent marker and after it dries, use clear nail Polish over the ink.

  4. Lana Smith Troop 7023 Reply

    so many cute ideas! how do I find the instructions?

    • Jean Reply

      I would like the instructions for the Ladybug Swap and the Promise Swap. This is my first year as a Daisy leader and I need help with things they can do easily.

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