30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Melted crayon art is an easy and fun thing. It’s so simple, yet the end result can be stunning. Peoples of all ages can create different types of such crafts using different methods. The finished products can make great gifts or party favors.

Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas!


1 heart melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Burger

2 melted crayon burger

Melted Crayon Shawl

3 melted crayon shawl

DIY Candle Holders

4 diy candle holders


5 lanern


6 lion

You are My Sunshine

7 you are my sunshine

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art

8 rainbow melted crayon art

Litte Mermaid

9 litte mermaid


10 gymnastics


11 peacock

Laney blowing bubbles

12 laney blowing bubbles

Love in Rain

13 love in rain

Umbrella with Silhouette

14 umbrella with silhouette


15 flowers

Girl Swinging

16 girl swinging

Letters of Love

17 letters of love

Autumn Trees

18 melted crayon autumn trees

Melted Crayon Art for Teacher Gift

19 melted crayon teacher gift


20 melted crayon butterfly


21 melted crayon elephant

Pumpkin Fun

22 melted crayon pumpkin fun

Christmas Trees

23 christmas trees

Craft Rain Cloud

24 craft rain cloud


25 phoenix melted crayon art

Doctor Who

26 melted crayon doctor who

Melted Crayon Art Cross

27 melted crayon art cross

Melted Crayon Art with Pictures

28 melted crayon art pictures

Abstract Art

29 abstract art

Heart Shape

30 heart shape art idea

Weeping Willow Tree

31 weeping willow tree


32 rainbow melted crayon art


  1. Courtney Cantrell Reply

    Hey, thanks for featuring my rainbow and showing the source link! I appreciate that. Good to see what other people are doing with melted crayons, too. Looks fun!

  2. Chloe West Reply

    Thanks for featuring my You Are My Sunshine art! These are all really neat!

  3. Melanie Reply

    I would love to have the one called love in the rain

  4. Katrina Reply

    Thanks for featuring my trees 🙂 Glad you liked that little fall craft.

    Original post from my previous blog::

  5. Krystyl Reply

    Hello. I am starting a crafts class at my job and I would like to incorporate some of these into my classes. Can someone please tell me how you are melting the crayons and how you are assuring that they do not go all over the place? More specifically, I am wanting to do the heart and Laney Blowing Bubbles. Please help me.

    Thank you.

  6. Nancy Reply

    Search Pinterest or google for something like ‘melted crayon art’ I also fell in love with these and decided to do with a youth group of 10-12 year olds. Some of the kiddos gave them to family members as gifts or hung them on the walls of their homes.

    I gathered the tops from boxes of copy paper (asked stores and offices) to contain crayon splatter, got hair dryers from thrift shop, got some canvas panels in the art room but needed more so I used that foam poster board (black & white) from dollar store. I also got hot glue guns from dollar store.

  7. azuriacarney Reply

    I love this project it is so cool?

  8. Robyn Reply

    I made a project by painting on a canvas, then melting small pieces of broken crayon in a few places. I found that using a heat blower works better than a blow dryer.

  9. Ella Reply

    I could look all day at the crayon art!

  10. courtney Reply

    Great ideas for all the broken crayons us parents have laying around

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