30 Cool Sanskrit Tattoos

Ahimsa in Sanskrit on Neck

1 ahimsa in sanskrit on neck

Butterflies and OM Symbol on Ankle

2 butterflies and om symbol on ankle

Sanskrit, Music Notes and Guitar

3 sanskrit music notes and guitar

Sanskrit Meaning ‘All Together Now’

4 sanskrit meaning all together now

Incan Laws and Ancient Scriptures on Arms

5 incan laws and ancient scriptures

“Courage” in Tibetan Sanskrit

6 courage in tibetan sanskrit

Circle Sanskrit Back Tattoo

7 circle sanskrit back tattoo

Sanskrit Ear Tattoo

8 sanskrit ear tattoo

Circle Sanskrit Script

9 circle sanskrit script

Circular Sanskrit Tattoo on Back

10 circular sanskrit tattoo on back

Sanskrit Wrist Tattoo for Hope, Faith and Courage

11 sanskrit for hope faith and courage

Cherry Blossoms and Sanskrit Tattoo on Shoulder

12 cherry blossoms and sanskrit

Sanskrit Back Tattoo for Women

13 sanskrit back tattoo for women

Fearless in Sanskrit for Men

14 fearless in sanskrit for men

OM Symbol on Upper Back

15 om symbol on upper back

Sanskrit on Back

16 sanskrit back tattoo

Sanskrit Meaning ‘Jewel of the Lotus’

17 sanskrit meaning jewel of the lotus

This Sanskrit Symbol Means Don’t Worry

18 this sanskrit symbol means dont worry

Breathe Tattoo on Wrist

19 breathe tattoo on wrist

It Means ‘Life is a Beautiful Struggle’

20 it means life is a beautiful struggle

Sanskrit Calligraphy Tattoo on Shoulder

21 sanskrit calligraphy tattoo on shoulder

Sanskrit Symbol Meaning ‘Inner Peace’

22 sanskrit symbol meaning inner peace

Book on Neck

23 book neck tattoo

Loving-kindness, Altruistic Joy, Empathy & Equanimity

24 loving kindness altruistic joy empathy equanimity

Dragon on Rib

25 dragon rib tattoo

Treble Clef Heart Key Tattoo with Namaste in Sanskrit

26 treble clef heart key tattoo with namaste

Sanskrit OM Split in Half

27 sanskrit om split in half

Darkness in Sanskrit

28 darkness in sanskrit

Truth is eternal and beautiful

29 truth is eternal and beautiful

This Symbol Means ‘To Believe’

30 this symbol means to believe

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