40+ Creative Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

A bento is basically a fancy Japanese lunchbox. Many Japanese mothers prepare bento box lunch for their kids, and arrange the meal in a pleasing way. Using different cartoon characters and animals, they make their bento boxes amazing.

Creative Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids!

Enjoy these creative bento lunch box ideas and make a beautiful bento box lunch for your kids. The most important thing about making a bento is to make it with love and have lots of fun.

Power Puff Girls

1 power puff girls lunch


2 totoro lunch box

Sponge Bob Square Pants Lunch

3 sponge bob square pants lunch

Super Mario

4 super mario lunch box

Three Pigs

5 three pigs lunch box

Angry Birds

6 angry birds bento box lunch

Naruto Bento Lunch

7 naruto bento lunch

Teddy Bear

8 teddy bear lunch box

Gardening Mama

9 gardening mama

Muppet Mania

10 muppet mania

Funny Face Bage

11 funny face bage

Love Bug

12 love bug lunch box

Minions Lunch box

13 minions lunch box

APH Bento

14 aph bento lunch box

Konata Bento

15 konata bento

Bento Pandas in Love

16 bento pandas in love

Mulan Bento

17 mulan bento lunch box

Zodiac Tiger

18 zodiac tiger

Bento Halloween

19 bento halloween

Little Princess

20 little princess


21 caterpillar lunch box

Sun Maid Raisin Girl

22 sun maid raisin girl

Meta Knight

23 meta knight


24 mokona bento box lunch

Sea Bento

25 sea bento lunch box

Patapon Bento

26 patapon bento

Christmas Snowman

27 christmas snowman

Dogy Rider

28 dogy rider lunch box

Bento Plushie

29 bento plushie

Santa Bento

30 santa bento lunch box


31 pirate bento box lunch

A mouse in a Bento

32 a mouse in a bento


33 elephant bento box lunch


34 horse bento box lunch

Fun Finger Sandwiches Bento

35 fun finger sandwiches bento


36 birdie bento box lunch


37 rabbit bento box lunch

Princess and Prince

38 princess and prince


39 dog bento box lunch

Mini Owl Biscuits Snack Bento

40 mini owl biscuits snack bento


41 cars bento box lunch


42 penguin bento box lunch


  1. Anna White Reply

    That APH themed bento… I want some.

  2. David Maingot Reply

    Amazing ! Real works of art, masterpieces even ! (^_^)

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