20 Creative Coaster Ideas

Coasters are often used to protect your furniture against moisture and stain, especially if you buy a new wooden table or some other wooden furniture. Making the boring coaster more interesting to use is not too hard. Just add your own personal touch to this water stain preventing tool. Take a look at this collection of Creative Coaster Ideas.

These creative coasters are not just a water stain preventing tool. They add a personal touch to your home!

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters.
Make these trendy gilded edge coasters yourself. Makes a great gift, too!

Pop Stick Pallet Coasters

Pop Stick Pallet Coasters.

DIY Magazine Coaster

DIY Magazine Coaster.

Bottle Caps Coasters

Bottle Caps Coasters.

Blue Jean Coaster

Blue Jean Coaster.

Upcycled Square Coasters

Upcycled Square Coasters.

Flip Flop Coasters

Flip Flop Coasters.


Tree Branch Rings Coasters

Tree Branch Rings Coasters.

Scrabble Drink Coasters

Scrabble Drink Coasters.

Wine Cork Coasters

Wine Cork Coasters.

Animal Knitting Coasters

Animal Knitting Coasters.

DIY Nautical Rope Coasters

DIY Nautical Rope Coasters.

Pesonalized Photo Coasters

Pesonalized Photo Coasters.

Chalkboard Coasters

Chalkboard Coasters.

Leaf Shape Knitting Coaster

Leaf Shape Knitting Coaster.

Stenciled DVD Coasters

Stenciled DVD Coasters.

Shotgun Shell Coaster

Shotgun Shell Coaster.

Crochet Coaster

Crochet Coaster.

Upcycled Magazine Coasters

Upcycled Magazine Coasters.

Map Coaster Design

Map Coaster Design.


Fish Shape Palm Wood Coaster

Fish Shape Palm Wood Coaster.

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