20+ Creative DIY Planter Ideas

Take a look at this collection of Creative DIY Planter Ideas for inspiration. Most of them are homemade with recycled materials and give you fresh and cool feelings.

Creative DIY Planter Ideas!

Book Planters

DIY Book Planters.

DIY Cascading Flower Pallet Planter Box

DIY Cascading Flower Pallet Planter Box.

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Old Alarm Clock Planter

DIY Old Alarm Clock Planter.


Clothespin Bags Wall Planter

DIY Clothespin Bags Wall Planter.

Hanging Garden Boots

Hanging Garden Boots as DIY Planters.

Painted Tire Planters

DIY Painted Tire Planters.

Chandelier Planter

DIY Chandelier Planter.

Wall Planter with Cups and Shoes

Wall Planter with Cups and Shoes.


Hanging Purse Garden

DIY Hanging Purse Garden.

Paint Can Planters

DIY Paint Can Planters.

Miniature Shell Garden

DIY Miniature Shell Garden.

Workspace Planter Set

Workspace Planter Set.

Sea Urchin Air Plants

Sea Urchin Air Plants.

Cork Air Plant Magnets

Cork Air Plant Magnets.

Recycled Upside Down Planters

Recycled Upside Down Planters.

Vertical Tie Planters

DIY Vertical Tie Planters.

Multiple Uses of Drawers

Multiple Uses of Drawers.


Vintage Ladle Plant Pot

Vintage Ladle Plant Pot.

Upcycled Herb Cans

Upcycled Herb Cans as DIY Planters.

Cinderblock Lego Planter

DIY Cinderblock Lego Planter.

Copper Bundt Cake Pan Planter

Copper Bundt Cake Pan Planter.

Plastic Animal Planters

DIY Plastic Animal Planters.


Coconut Hanging Planter

Coconut Hanging Planter.

Planted Vintage Dump Truck

Planted Vintage Dump Truck.

Sock Planter Cozy

Sock Planter Cozy.


Sweater Covered Flowerpots

Sweater Covered Flowerpots.

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