50+ Creative Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Here are 50+ Creative Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas. Most of them have tutorials to teach you step by step. Some of them are so easy, you can knock them up the night before. Some of them are made with recycled materials creatively. Some are just plain cute.

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Pirate Girl Costume

1 pirate girl costume

Peter Pan

2 peter pan kid costume idea

Newspaper Fashion Costume

3 newspaper fashion costume

Book Fairy Costume for Girl

4 book fairy costume for girl

Statue of Liberty

5 statue of liberty costume

Optimus Prime Transformer

6 optimus prime transformer

Samurai Costume Made with Recycled Materials

7 samurai costume recycled materials

Lumberjack Halloween Costume

8 lumberjack halloween costume

Jetpack for kid

9 jetpack for kid costume


10 minecraft kid costume idea

Minecraft for Kid

11 minecraft for kid costume

Funny Boy

12 funny boy costume idea

DIY Pacman

13 diy pacman kid costume idea


14 viking kid costume idea

Snail for Kid

15 snail for kid costume

Moose Costume for Kid

16 moose costume for kid


17 witch kid costume idea


18 owl kid costume idea

Super Costumes

19 superhero costumes kid

Funky Halloween Fairy Costume

20 funky halloween fairy costume

Homemade Monster Costume for Kid

21 homemade monster costume kid


22 jellyfish kid costume idea

Headbands for Girl

23 headbands for girl

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

24 little red riding hood costume

Masked Owl Costume

25 masked owl costume

Little Lamb Costume

26 little lamb costume

Chicken Costume

27 chicken costume idea

Superhero Costume

28 superhero costume


29 minion kid costume idea

Halloween Vending Machine Costume

30 halloween vending machine costume

Clown Costume

31 clown costume kid

Airplane Costume

32 airplane costume idea

Eiffel Tower Costume

33 eiffel tower costume

Fluffy White Cloud Costume

34 fluffy white cloud costume

Field of Flowers Costume

35 field of flowers costume

Boxes of Candy

36 boxes of candy kid costume

Little Mummies

37 little mummies kid costume

DIY Cupcake for Girl

38 diy cupcake for girl

Dotty Toadstool

39 dotty toadstool costume

Wood Grain Dress

40 wood grain dress


41 peacock kid costume idea

Easy Box Costume

42 easy box costume

DIY Wonder Woman Costume for Little Girl

43 diy wonder woman costume girl

Raining Cats and Dogs

44 raining cats and dogs

Kid Costume Using Paper Bag and Toilet Paper Tubes

45 paper bag toilet paper tubes

Lego Indiana Jones Costume

46 lego indiana jones costume

Little Girl Pocahontas Costume

47 little girl pocahontas costume

Film UP

48 film up kid costume idea

Tinker Bell Costume for Little Girl

49 tinker bell costume little girl

Peter Pan Costume for Little Boy

50 peter pan costume little boy

Easy Pink Poodle Skirt

51 easy pink poodle skirt

Buzz Lightyear

52 buzz lightyear kid costume idea

A Cup of Hot Chocolate

53 a cup of hot chocolate

Poison Ivy Costume for Little Girl

54 poison ivy costume little girl

Sushi Roll

55 sushi roll kid costume idea

Rollhead Toilet Paper Wig

Rollhead Toilet Paper Wig

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