20+ Creative Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Many people use wine bottles for making centerpieces, because they are cheap, creative and beautiful. It can be very interesting to collect empty wine bottles and make a table centerpiece by yourself. You don’t have to spend money to buy table ornaments, just use wine glasses and your imagination.

Here are 20+ Creative Wine Bottle Centerpieces for your inspiration. They will surely help you decorate your table for weddings, holidays, Christmas and other occasions. If you like these wine bottle centerpieces, please don’t forget to share with your friends on social networks.

Vintage Wedding Centerpiece

1 vintage wedding centerpiece

Patriotic Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

2 patriotic recycled bottle

Cowboy Bottle Centerpiece

3 diy cowboy bottle centerpiece

Paper Flower Centerpiece

4 paper flower centerpiece

Centrepieces with Mosaic Tealight Holders

5 mosaic tealight holders

Wedding Centerpiece

6 homemade wedding centerpiece

DIY Chalkboard Paint Centerpiece

7 diy chalkboard paint centerpiece

Chalkboard Painted Centerpiece

8 chalkboard painted centerpiece

Holiday Party Crafting with Wine Bottles

9 handmade holiday party crafting

DIY Fall Centerpiece

10 diy fall centerpiece

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

11 rustic wedding centerpiece

Diy Wedding Centerpiece

12 diy wedding centerpiece

Brown Bottle Fall Centerpiece

13 brown bottle fall centerpiece

DIY Pop Art Centerpiece

14 diy pop art centerpiece

Winter Centerpiece

15 winter centerpiece

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

16 diy christmas centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece

17 wedding centerpiece

DIY Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottle Centerpiece

18 diy yarn wrapped craft

Wine Bottle Candlestick Holders

19 diy bottle candlestick holders

Candle LOVE Centerpiece

20 homemade candle love centerpiece

Mini Garden

21 diy wine bottle mini garden

Wine Bottle Candel Holder Centerpiece

22 wine bottle candel holder

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