40+ Cute Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Ideas

Cherry blossom tattoos and their meanings have several different associations. Many people render the soft pink flowers as the symbol of spring, new beginnings and prosperity.

In Japanese culture, the sakura (cherry blossom) is a symbol for life. It represents the transitions of life. After its too-short bloom, the cherry blossom falls to the ground and is scattered about by wind and rain.

In Chinese culture, the cherry blossom symbolizes power and love. It is representative of female beauty, sexuality, and dominance.

Here are 40+ Cute Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design Ideas for your inspiration. If you like these tattoo designs, please don’t forget to share with your friends on social networks.

Sakura and Hello Kitty

1 sakura and hello kitty

Sakura and Japanese Fan

2 sakura and japanese fan

Japanese Symbols for Mother and Son

3 cherry blossom branch japanese symbols

Foot Cherry Blossom with Japanese Symbols for Sisters

4 foot cherry blossom japanese symbols

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree and Girl

5 japanese cherry blossom tree and girl

Cherry Blossom, Kanji and Yin Yang

6 cherry blossom kanji and yin yang

Japanese Cherry Blossom, Kanji Lettering and Crane

7 japanese kanji lettering crane

Cherry Blossom and Kanji Dream on Hip

8 cherry blossom kanji dream on hip

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

9 japanese cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tree on Shoulder

10 cherry blossom tree on shoulder

Cherry Blossom Branch on Shoulder

11 cherry blossom branch shoulder

Cherry Blossom on Shoulder

12 cherry blossom on shoulder

Cherry Blossom and Owl on Shoulder

13 cherry blossom owl shoulder

Cherry Blossom Tree on Rib

14 cherry blossom tree on rib

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo with Bird

15 cherry blossom side tattoo bird

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

16 cherry blossom side tattoo

Cherry Blossoms on Side

17 cherry blossoms on side

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

18 cherry blossom side tattoo

Cherry Blossom on Back

19 cherry blossom on back

Moon and Cherry Blossom Tree on Back

20 moon cherry blossom tree back

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree on Back

21 japanese cherry blossom tree back

Cherry Blossom on Back

22 cherry blossom on back

Birds and Cherry Blossom Tree on Back

23 birds cherry blossom tree back

Cherry Blossom Tree on Leg

24 cherry blossom tree on leg

Cherry Blossom Tree Leg Tattoo

25 cherry blossom tree leg tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tree on Leg

26 cherry blossom tree on leg

Cherry Blossom and Birds on Leg

27 cherry blossom and birds on leg

Small Cherry Blossom Tree on Foot

28 small cherry blossom tree on foot

Cherry Blossom Tree Foot Tattoo

29 cherry blossom tree foot

Cherry Blossom on Foot

30 cherry blossom on foot

Cherry Blossoms and Ribbon on Foot

31 cherry blossoms and ribbon foot

Cherry Blossom Branch with Bird

32 cherry blossom branch bird

Japanese Cherry Blossom

33 japanese cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom on Arm

34 cherry blossom on arm


Japanese Cherry Blossom on Shoulder

35 japanese cherry blossom shoulder

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo On Back

36 cherry blossom tree tattoo back

Cherry Blossom and Bird

37 cherry blossom and bird

Cherry Blossom and Butterfly on Arm

38 cherry blossom and butterfly arm

Japanese Cherry Blossom

39 japanese cherry blossom

Painted Cherry Blossom on Back

40 painted cherry blossom back

Blue Sakura Neck Tattoo

41 blue sakura neck tattoo

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

42 japanese cherry blossom tree

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