DIY Spinner With Paper

DIY Spinner With Paper.

Spinners have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. Children are fascinated with the gadgets’ movements, adults find them relaxing and teenagers love to learn and show off their spinner tricks to their friends on and offline. There are all kinds of spinners, and new ones seem to be introduced to the market every day.

But while spinners are a simple, fun, and perhaps more importantly, non-digital way of entertainment, some people are not sold on the idea of wasting money on this kind of toy.

The good news is that while there are many spinners available on the market, you can just as easily make your own. Today we teach you how to make a DIY Spinner with paper.

All you need are two pieces of thick, colored paper, which you will fold over until you have the right shape for the spinner’s helices. You will then fold the two pieces together until you get a 4-pointed star. Finally, you will need to pierce the center of your star with a nail featuring a bead on each end to make it spin.

The fun begins once everything sets in place!

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