60 Homemade Animal Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Kids love nature and enjoy creating artistic representations of animal life. Take a look at these homemade animal themed toilet paper roll crafts. They are cool, fun and could be a great project to do with the kids. There are many origami animals that you can make using empty toilet paper rolls, such as foxes, snakes, rabbits, frogs, horses and birds.


1 homemade reindeer craft


2 reindeer kid craft

Toilet Paper Roll Deer

3 toilet paper roll deer


4 reindeers kid craft

Homemade Reindeer

5 homemade reindeer craft

Easter Kids Craft – Bunnies

6 easter kids craft   bunnies

Easter Bunny Container

7 easter bunny container

Silly Rabbit

8 silly rabbit paper roll crafts

Easter Chick

9 easter chick craft

Homemade Owls

10 halloween owls craft

Owl Crafts

11 homemade halloween owl craft


DIY Owls

12 halloween owls craft

DIY Octopus for Kids

13 octopus craft

Homemade Butterfly

14 homemade butterfly craft

DIY Butterfly

15 diy butterfly craft

Homemade Angry Birds

16 homemade angry birds

Love Birds Craft

17 homemade love birds craft


18 caterpillar paper roll crafts

DIY Caterpillar

19 caterpillar kid craft

Homemade Snakes

20 snakes kid craft

Snake Craft

21 snake kid craft


22 snakes kid craft

DIY Worm

23 worm kid craft

Homemade Penguin Puppets

24 penguin puppets

Penguin Craft for Kids

25 homemade penguin craft

DIY Dinosaurs

26 dinosaurs craft

Homemade Dinosaur

27 homemade dinosaur craft

DIY Turkey

28 thanksgiving turkey craft

Turkey Craft

29 homemade thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Napkin Holder

30 turkey napkin holder

Pink Turkey for Thanksgiving

31 pink turkey for thanksgiving

DIY Fish Craft

32 fish kid craft


33 homemade fish kid craft


Japanese Flying Carp

34 japanese flying carp

3 Little Pigs for Kids

35 3 little pigs

DIY Crocodile Craft

36 crocodile paper roll crafts

Crocodile for Kids

37 crocodile craft

Homemade Bug

38 bug craft


Homemade Shark

39 shark craft

Squirrels for Kids

40 diy squirrels kid craft

DIY Squirrel for Kids

41 squirrel paper roll crafts

Polar Bear for Kids

42 polar bear craft

Homemade Mouse

43 mice craft

DIY Mice

44 mouse craft

Homemade Giraffe Craft

45 giraffe kid craft

Giraffes Dance for Kids

46 giraffes dance kid craft


47 mouse craft kid craft

Spiders for Halloween

48 spiders for halloween

DIY Spider Craft

49 halloween spider craft

Handmade Fox for Kids

50 fox paper roll crafts

DIY Bats

51 diy bats craft

Halloween Bat

52 homemade halloween bat

Camel for Kids

53 camel kid craft

Homemade Zebra Craft

54 homemade zebra kid craft

DIY Pinto Pony

55 pinto pony craft

Homemade Horse

56 homemade horse kid craft

Homemade Elephant Craft

57 elephant craft

Homemade Animals

58 animals craft

Cat Pencil Holder

59 homemade cat pencil holder

Mini Kitty Pinata

60 diy mini kitty pinata


  1. Micha Reply

    lost of cool animals,love this! I have just made some of the animals and my brother is trying to make them to!!!

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