Remove Comments Section on WordPress Site

When using WordPress to build a website, most people undoubtedly love the comment feature as it offers interaction with readers. But sometimes maybe you just don’t want or need people commenting on every page and post of their site. So the wonderful WordPress commenting feature becomes a pain in the bottom instead. So how to remove comments section on your wordpress? 1. Disable Comments on WordPress Admin Panel

Login to the admin panel. Go to Settings-Discussion and deselect “Allow people to post comments on new articles“. This disables comments by default so you don’t have to always Disallow Commenting When Editing a Page or Post. But this may leave “Comments are closed” or something similar on at the end of every page and post.

2. Edit your single.php, page.php or singlepage.php files file from your theme. Find the following line:

  1. <?php comments_template(); ?>  

and delete it.

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