80+ Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Looking for creative ways to use pipe cleaners? This list of pipe cleaner crafts is sure to inspire your kids’ imagination and keep your kids busy for hours.

Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts!

50+ Pipe Cleaner Animals for Kids

50+ Pipe Cleaner Animals for Kids

Personalized Star Ornament for Christmas

1 star ornament christmas

Pipe Cleaner Vase with Button Flowers

2 pipe cleaner vase button flowers

Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

3 styrofoam cup spring flower pots

Spider Mask

4 spider mask pip cleaner crafts


5 skull pip cleaner crafts

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

6 pipe cleaner flowers

DIY Pipe Cleaner Rose Hair Ties

7 diy pipe cleaner rose hair ties


8 snowflakes pip cleaner crafts

Snowflakes with Pipe Cleaners & Crystal Plastic Beads

9 snowflakes pip cleaner crafts

Christmas Tree

10 homemade christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decoration

11 diy christmas tree decoration


12 furniture pip cleaner crafts

Pipe Cleaner People

13 pipe cleaner people


14 glasses pip cleaner crafts


15 bouquet pip cleaner crafts


16 fairy pip cleaner crafts


17 wreath pip cleaner crafts

Monsters INC

18 homemade monsters inc

Pipe Cleaner Girl

19 pipe cleaner girl

Craft for Mother’s Day

20 craft for mothers day

DIY Star Crown

21 diy star crown

Simple Crown for Kids

22 simple crown for kids

Crown for Princess

23 crown for princess

Friendship Ring

24 friendship ring

DIY Skiers

25 diy skiers pip cleaner


26 rainbow pip cleaner crafts


27 pumpkins pip cleaner crafts

Pipe Cleaner Tree

28 pipe cleaner tree

Easter Eggs

29 homemade easter eggs


30 angel pip cleaner crafts

Fall Crafts: Scarecrow, Squirrel, Snowy Owl, Rocky Raccoon and Autumn Tree

31 homemade fall crafts

Halloween Crafts: Vampire Bat, Jack O Lantern, Spider and Black Cat

32 halloween crafts pip cleaner

Christmas Crafts: Cardinal, Snowman, Christmas Elf, Reindeer, Penguin and Santa

33 christmas crafts pip cleaner

4th of July Crafts: Statue of Liberty, American Eagle and Uncle Sam

34 4th of july crafts

Halloween Finger Puppets: Fairy, Frankenstein, Princess and Dracula

35 halloween finger puppets

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