50+ Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars are often used for decorating the home, wedding gifts, item storage and other creative crafts. Here are 50+ Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas which can help you to repurpose those old mason jars for decoration or useful pieces.

Cat String Holder

mason jar cat string holder 1 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Craft of Piggy Bank

mason jar craft of piggy bank 2 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

mason jar bird feeder 3 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY LEGO Pencil Holder

diy lego pencil holder 4 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Blue LED Mason Jar Ambience Lamp

blue led mason jar ambience lamp 5 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Candle Light Mason Jar

candle light mason jar 6 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Fish Net Like Mason Jar

fish net like mason jar 7 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier idea 8 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Pink Mason Jar Candle Holder

pink mason jar candle holder 9 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Moroccan Painted Mason Jars


Gleeful Jam Jars for Wedding

gleeful jam jars for wedding 11 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Blue Mason Jar Lamp

blue mason jar lamp craft 12 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Christmas Food Gift

christmas food gift 13 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Playdough Snowman

mason jar playdough snowman 14 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Santa Clause Cakes

mason jar santa clause cakes 15 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Snowman Mason Jar

snowman mason jar idea 16 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Snow Man Candle Holder

snow man candle holder 17 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Snowman Mason Jar

snowman mason jar craft 18 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Craft for Halloween

mason jar craft halloween 19 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Mummy for Halloween

mason jar mummy halloween 20 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Craft

diy halloween mason jar craft 21 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

diy halloween jar luminaries 22 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Luminaries

mason jar luminaries 23 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Eyeball Mason Jars

eyeball mason jars craft 24 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Pin Cushion

mason jar pin cushion 25 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Glass Jar Frames

glass jar frames idea 26 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Textile Covered Mason Jars

textile covered mason jars 27 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Fabric Painted Mason Jars

fabric painted mason jars 28 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Urban Glass Light

urban glass light craft 29 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Terrarium for Faeries

terrarium for faeries 30 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Christmas Mason Jar Decoration

christmas mason jar decoration 31 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Gift with Hearts Inside

mason jar gift with hearts 32 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Steampunk Goggles

steampunk goggles design 33 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Wedding Flowers

mason jar wedding flowers 34 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Lid Art

mason jar lid art idea 35 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Sewing Kit

mason jar sewing kit 36 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY to Keep Kitchen Organized

diy to keep kitchen organized 37 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Lighted Mason Jars for Wedding

lighted mason jars for wedding 38 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Apothecary Mason Jars with Love Letters

apothecary mason jars love letters 39 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Valentine Mason Jar Craft Tutorial

valentine mason jar craft 40 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Bird Feeders

mason jar bird feeders 41 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Fabricd Mason Jars Organizer

fabricd mason jars organizer 42 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Fabric Mason Jar Cozies

fabric mason jar cozies 43 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Silhouette Mason Jars

silhouette mason jars 44 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Advent Calendar

mason jar advent calendar 45 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY Holder on Wall

diy holder on wall idea 46 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Mason Jar Salads

mason jar salads idea 47 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Edible Flower Cakes in Mason Jars

edible flower cakes mason jars 48 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Soap Dispenser

mason jar soap dispenser 49 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Add a Pour Spout

mason jar pour spout 50 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

DIY Dispenser

diy mason jar dispenser 51 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Toothpick Dispenser

toothpick dispenser 52 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Stylish Sock Sleeves Vases

stylish sock sleeves vases 53 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Pastel Pencil Pencil Holders

pastel pencil pencil holders 54 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/

Homemade Spice Rack

homemade spice rack idea 55 http://hative.com/cute-mason-jar-craft-ideas/