50+ Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars are often used for decorating the home, wedding gifts, item storage and other creative crafts. Here are 50+ Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas which can help you to repurpose those old mason jars for decoration or useful pieces.

Cat String Holder

mason jar cat string holder 1

Mason Jar Craft of Piggy Bank

mason jar craft of piggy bank 2

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Tutorial

homemade spice rack idea 55

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

mason jar bird feeder 3

DIY LEGO Pencil Holder

diy lego pencil holder 4

Blue LED Mason Jar Ambience Lamp

blue led mason jar ambience lamp 5

Candle Light Mason Jar

candle light mason jar 6

Fish Net Like Mason Jar

fish net like mason jar 7

Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier idea 8

Pink Mason Jar Candle Holder

pink mason jar candle holder 9

Moroccan Painted Mason Jars

Gleeful Jam Jars for Wedding

gleeful jam jars for wedding 11

Blue Mason Jar Lamp

blue mason jar lamp craft 12

Christmas Food Gift

christmas food gift 13

Mason Jar Playdough Snowman

mason jar playdough snowman 14

Mason Jar Santa Clause Cakes

mason jar santa clause cakes 15

Snowman Mason Jar

snowman mason jar idea 16

Snow Man Candle Holder

snow man candle holder 17

Snowman Mason Jar

snowman mason jar craft 18

Mason Jar Craft for Halloween

mason jar craft halloween 19

Mason Jar Mummy for Halloween

mason jar mummy halloween 20

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Craft

diy halloween mason jar craft 21

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

diy halloween jar luminaries 22

Mason Jar Luminaries

mason jar luminaries 23

Eyeball Mason Jars

eyeball mason jars craft 24

Pin Cushion

mason jar pin cushion 25

Glass Jar Frames

glass jar frames idea 26

Textile Covered Mason Jars

textile covered mason jars 27

Fabric Painted Mason Jars

fabric painted mason jars 28

Urban Glass Light

urban glass light craft 29

Terrarium for Faeries

terrarium for faeries 30

Christmas Mason Jar Decoration

christmas mason jar decoration 31

Mason Jar Gift with Hearts Inside

mason jar gift with hearts 32

Steampunk Goggles

steampunk goggles design 33

Mason Jar Wedding Flowers

mason jar wedding flowers 34

Mason Jar Lid Art

mason jar lid art idea 35

Sewing Kit

mason jar sewing kit 36

DIY to Keep Kitchen Organized

diy to keep kitchen organized 37

Lighted Mason Jars for Wedding

lighted mason jars for wedding 38

Apothecary Mason Jars with Love Letters

apothecary mason jars love letters 39

Valentine Mason Jar Craft Tutorial

valentine mason jar craft 40

Bird Feeders

mason jar bird feeders 41


Fabricd Mason Jars Organizer

fabricd mason jars organizer 42

Fabric Mason Jar Cozies

fabric mason jar cozies 43

Silhouette Mason Jars

silhouette mason jars 44

Advent Calendar

mason jar advent calendar 45

DIY Holder on Wall

diy holder on wall idea 46

Mason Jar Salads

mason jar salads idea 47

Edible Flower Cakes in Mason Jars

edible flower cakes mason jars 48

Soap Dispenser

mason jar soap dispenser 49

Add a Pour Spout

mason jar pour spout 50

DIY Dispenser

diy mason jar dispenser 51

Toothpick Dispenser

toothpick dispenser 52

Stylish Sock Sleeves Vases

stylish sock sleeves vases 53

Pastel Pencil Pencil Holders

pastel pencil pencil holders 54

Homemade Spice Rack

homemade spice rack idea 55


  1. julie Reply

    Oh, i so wish i hadn’t thrown all the jars i had. There are so many inspirational ideas on this page I am going to do ready for next Christmas. Time to start collecting those jars

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