70+ Cool Homemade Cardboard Craft Ideas

There are many things that crafty moms and kids can make out of used cardboard boxes. They include creating cardboard cities, castles, mailbox, costumes, and dog houses. Enjoy this list of creative and cool cardboard crafts, and make your own creation. Do not worry about whether you are “wasting” anything, because cardboard can be recycled.

Cool Homemade Cardboard Craft Ideas!

30 Creative DIY Cardboard Playhouse Ideas

30 Creative DIY Cardboard Playhouse Ideas

20 Cool DIY Cardboard Letters

20 Cool DIY Cardboard Letters

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Cardboard Craft,

Cardboard Suitcase

Homemade Cardboard Suitcase,

Cardboard Guitar

Cardboard Guitar,

Craft Telephone

Cardboard Craft Telephone,

Robot Clothing

Robot Clothing Cardboard Craft,

Cardboard Clock

Homemade Cardboard Clock,

Tiffin Carriers

Cardboard Tiffin Carriers,

Faraway Tree

Cardboard Faraway Tree,

Cardboard Bunk Bed

Cardboard Bunk Bed,

Christmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Tree,

DIY Halloween Masks

DIY Cardboard Halloween Masks,

Cardboard Fish

DIY Cardboard Fish,

Shoe Storage

Cardboard Shoe Storage,

Animal Clothes Hanger

Cardboard Animal Clothes Hanger,

Cardboard Moose Head

Cardboard Moose Head,

DIY Cardboard Cat Houses

DIY Cardboard Cat Houses,

Cardboard Chandelier

Cardboard Chandelier,

Cardboard Palm Tree

Cardboard Palm Tree,

Cardboard CD Sleeves

Cardboard CD Sleeves,

Cardboard Picture Frames

Cardboard Picture Frames,


DIY Cardboard Craft Camera,

Wall Art

Cardboard Wall Art,

Lounge Furniture

DIY Cardboard Lounge Furniture,



Homemade Cardboard Drawers,

Room Divider

Cardboard Room Divider,


Doll Carrier

Cardboard Doll Carrier,

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