60+ Cool Tattoo Fonts Ideas

Text tattoos can be done in a variety of fonts. Tattoo Fonts are also known as tattoo lettering or tattoo script, and they are the writing style used in text tattoo design. Choosing a cool tattoo font is very important when you are design your own text tattoos.

In this page we’ve collected some really cool tattoo fonts ideas for your inspiration. These fonts have covered a range of styles: cursive font (also known as script font), typewriter font, old english font, chinese font and japanese font. Whether placed by themselves, alongside a variety of symbols, or transformed into some clever shapes (heart, star, infinity, round and more), all these word tattoos are very beautiful. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share with your friends on facebook, pinterest or whatever social networks.

Creative Love Tattoo in Heart Shape

creative love tattoo in heart shape 6

Heart Shape Back Tattoo

heart shape back tattoo design 5

Little Heart Shape Foot Tattoo

little heart shape foot tattoo 7

Giraffe Stand Tall

giraffe shape text tattoo 2

Cursive Infinity Text Tattoo

cursive infinity back tattoo 25

Star Shape Text Tattoo

star shape text tattoo design 1

Foot Tattoo with Chemical Symbols

foot tattoo with chemical symbols 4

Old English Cross

old english cross text tattoo 3

Round Shaped Text Tattoo on Back

round shaped text tattoo on back 8

Typewriter Font Tattoos on Arm

typewriter font tattoos on arm 9

Typewriter Font Arm Tattoo

typewriter font arm tattoo design 10

Typewriter Lettering Tattoo

typewriter lettering tattoo 11

Typewriter Font Belly Tattoo

typewriter font belly tattoo 12

Promise Tattoo

promise word tattoo idea 13

Olde English Tattoo Across Shoulder Blades

olde english shoulder tattoo 14

Old English Font Name Tattoo on Arm

olde english font name tattoo on arm 15

Cursive Old English Font Tattoo on Chest

cursive olde english font tattoo chest 16

Foot Tattoo with Chinese Symbol for Love and Cherry Blossom

foot tattoo chinese symbol love cherry 17

Chinese Style Kanji Tattoo

chinese style kanji tattoo idea 18

Chinese Symbol for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

chinese symbol tattoo design 19

Chinese Kanji Tattoo Meaning Spirit and Demon

chinese kanji tattoo spirit demon 20

Chinese Kanji Tattoo with Shape and Symbol for Rabbit Zodiac

chinese kanji tattoo rabbit zodiac 21

Back Tattoo with Japanese Font, Yin yang and Cherry Tree

back tattoo japanese yin yang cherry tree 22

Japanese Font Style Name Tattoo

japanese font style name tattoo 23

Samurai Code Cross Tattoo

samurai code cross tattoo 24

Japanese Trees and Kanji Foot Tattoo

japanese trees and kanji foot tattoo 25

Japanese Kanji Back Tattoo for Girl

Chicano Script Latin Tattoo

chicano script latin tattoo 27

Freebooter Script Font Back Tattoo

freebooter script font back tattoo 28

Fancy Script Font Hand Tattoos

fancy script font hand tattoos 29

Tengwar Script Font Tattoo

tengwar script font tattoo 30

Script Tattoo with Rose

script tattoo with rose 31

30+ Cool Cursive Tattoo Fonts Ideas

cursive font tattoo for girl 1

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