25 Creative DIY Photo Craft Ideas

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your friends or family members, maybe you like to do something a little personalized. Here are some Creative DIY Photo Craft Ideas, from glowing photo lanterns, Photo Lollipops to Photo Jewelry Necklace. You can use these ideas to remember specific events or just to tell them that you love them.

Creative DIY Photo Craft Ideas!

Embroidered Photo Family Portraits

This easy embroidered photo would be a fantastic Christmas gift for grandparents!

This easy embroidered photo would be a fantastic Christmas gift for grandparents! Get the instructions via theglamoroushousewife.

Vintage Photo Skirt

Vintage Photo Skirt.

Photo Lollipops

Photo Lollipops.

3D Pop Up Name Card

3D Pop Up Name Card.

Magnetic Photo Calendar

Magnetic Photo Calendar.

DIY Light Houses

DIY Light Houses.


Fabric Photo Pockets

Fabric Photo Pockets.

Glowing Photo Lantern

Glowing Photo Lantern.

Memory Candles

Memory Candles.

Photo Jewelry Necklace

Photo Jewelry Necklace.


Photo Pencil Covers

Photo Pencil Covers.

Photo Mason Jars

Photo Mason Jars.

Photo Collage Star

Photo Collage Star.

Personalized Keychains

Personalized Keychains.


Instagram Bookmarks

Instagram Bookmarks.


Log Slice Christmas Ornament

Log Slice Christmas Ornament.

Photo Clock

Photo Clock.


DIY Photo Letters

DIY Photo Letters.


DIY Photo Bookmark

DIY Photo Bookmark.


Silhouette Art

Silhouette Art.

Photo Decorated Vases

Photo Decorated Vases.

Photo Lampshade

Photo Lampshade.

Photo Pillows

Photo Pillows.


DIY Pull Out Photo Album

DIY Pull Out Photo Album.

Family Photo Bookshelf

Family Photo Bookshelf.

Burlap Photo Wreath

Burlap Photo Wreath.


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