20 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Tires

Old tires don’t have to go to the landfill when they’re no longer useful for transportation. You can color them in different colors and make a planter, make a swing for children, or you can make tire ottoman covered with fabric. Here are some really cool ideas to repurpose old tires, which will make your tires useful around the yard and house.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Tires!

Snowman from recycled tires.

snowman from recycled tires, source

Repurposed tires for home decoration.

repurposed tires for home decoration, source

Tire totter for kids.

tire totter for kids, source

Recycled tires pond.

recycled tires pond, source

Make a sandbox with a tire.

make a sandbox with a tire, source

Painted tires gardening.

painted tires gardening, source

Old tires stairs.

old tires stairs, source

Old tire umbrella stand.

old tire umbrella stand, source

Tire climbing for kids.

tire climbing for kids, source

Swing set tire ladder.

swing set tire ladder, source

Ottoman from old tire.

ottoman from old tire, source

Hanging tire flower planter.

hanging tire flower planter, source

Tire see saw for kids.

tire see saw for kids, source

Outdoor holiday wreath from a tire.

outdoor holiday wreath from a tire, source

Alternative tire swing.

alternative tire swing, source

Reuse tires as bike storage.

reuse tires as bike storage, source

Seats made from old tires.

seats made from old tires, source

Frog Tire Planter.

frog tire planter, Get the instructions here

Tire display shelf.

tire display shelf, source

DIY tire table.

diy tire table, source


  1. Karen Edwards Reply

    I can not find how t put the 2 tires together?

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    I can’t find the directions on how to make the frog tire planter, what size tires, what to use for the arms and hands etc

    • Lynette Reply

      I can’t find the direction for the frog made of tires

      • M.Y. Reply

        I’ve updated the frog tire planter. You can find the direction in the post.

  3. Sara Reply

    How to put the frog tires together.

  4. michelle Reply

    What paint do you use for tires

  5. Maria Elena Nunez Martin Reply

    No hablo ingles, pero estan preciosas todas

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