25 DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas for Girls

Regular T-shirts can be boring and unflattering. Many stores sell shirts that are pre-cut, and many of them are expensive. If you have old t-shirts lying around that need to either get thrown out, maybe you can redesign your t-shirt yourself. All you need is just scissors and imagination. Check out these DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas for Girls and get inspired to turn your old shirt in a new fashionable piece.

Great ideas to turn your old shirt into a new fashionable piece!

Skeleton Halloween T-Shirt Cut

Skeleton Halloween T-Shirt Cut.

Heart T-Shirt Cutting

Heart T-Shirt Cutting.

Blue Slashed Tshirt

Blue Slashed Tshirt.

Girl Tshirt Cutting

Girl Tshirt Cutting.

Dream Catcher T-Shirt Cutting

Dream Catcher T-Shirt Cutting.

DIY T-Shirt Cut

DIY T-Shirt Cut.

Skull T-Shirt Cutting

Skull T-Shirt Cutting.

DIY T-Shirt Cut

DIY T-Shirt Cut.

Redesigned Cut Shirt

Redesigned Cut Shirt.

Sugar Skull T-Shirt Cutting

Sugar Skull T-Shirt Cutting.


Diy Cross Cut on T-Shirt

DIY Cross Cut on T-Shirt.

Angel Wings T-Shirt Cutting

Angel Wings T-Shirt Cutting.

White T-Shirt Cutting

White T-Shirt Cutting.

Long-Sleeved Tee Cutting

Long-Sleeved Tee Cutting.

Slashed Tshirt Idea

Slashed Tshirt Idea.

Pink T-Shirt Cutting for Girls

Pink T-Shirt Cutting for Girls.

Fringe Open Back Wings

Fringe Open Back Wings.

Rip Tee Shirt Idea

Rip Tee Shirt Idea.

Fashion Tshirt Idea

Fashion Tshirt Idea.

DIY Bow T-Shirt Cutting Design

DIY Bow T-Shirt Cutting Design.

T-Shirt Shoulder Cutout

T-Shirt Shoulder Cutout.

Cutting Shirts Into Tank Tops

Cutting Shirts Into Tank Tops.

Black Wing T-Shirt

Black Wing T-Shirt.

Ladder Cut on Shoulder

Ladder Cut on Shoulder.

DIY Tree Cut-Out Shirt

DIY Tree Cut-Out Shirt.


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