30+ Awesome Flooring Ideas for Every Room

Floors aren’t just surfaces to walk on. That is, of course, their main function, but they also contribute to the larger picture that is the decoration of the space they are in.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a floor, even if you’re just looking at it from a practical perspective. It might need to be sturdy and reliable if you’re using it in the yard or easy to clean if it is to go in the bathroom or kitchen.

Bedroom and living room floors are to be sophisticated while matching the overall decoration perfectly, but you might prefer something long-lasting rather than overly elegant for your porch or hallway.

In short, different rooms need different types of floors, and that is why we’ve put this article together.

Please scroll down if you’d like to look at these awesome flooring ideas for every room.

Desert Haze Color Floor For White Living Room

Desert Haze Color Floor For White Living Room.

This distressed, sandy colored floor provides great grounding contrast to the otherwise predominantly white living room. The plank flooring is wire brushed, hand distressed and scraped, and further finished with smoking and carbonizing and then UV oil cured to achieve this gorgeous weathered look.via zillow

Flooring For Cozy Living Room

Flooring For Cozy Living Room.

The living room has a very cozy, rustic vibe to it, which makes the flooring choice quite obvious. The natural wooden slabs in different tones of brown add to the relaxed aesthetic of the space. via lizmarieblog

Rustic Stone Tile Flooring With Wood Look Tile Inlays

Rustic Stone Tile Flooring.

Using the rustic stone which combines the sleekness of rustic wood look tile with the shine of Bartello Shimmer Stone, you can experience a complex look with just one installation. Rather than intricately grouting small pieces of multiple styles, you now have the option of reenergizing your home with a single tile style that brings together the best of both looks. via homedepot

Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble Shower Floor.

The shower floor, which was built using pebbles of different sizes, is truly reminiscent of an outdoor shower or a natural pool side. via source

From Plain Concrete to Stained Concrete Floor Makeover

From Plain Concrete to Stained Concrete Floor Makeover.

Stained concrete may not sound very appealing, but it’s definitely a stylish look in its own right. More than that, it is an affordable and easy way to turn your boring concrete floor into something else entirely. It’s guaranteed to be a hit. via farmfreshvintagefinds

Foam Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Foam Flooring That Looks Like Wood.

Now this is quite the ingenious idea. The actual flooring here is boring ugly foam, but it was made to look like wood before being installed on the ground. It is not the most resistant floor, but it is very comfortable and forgiving, especially for children. via rubberflooringinc

Wood Block Floor Showing End Grain Like An Old Factory Floor

Wood Block Floor Showing End Grain Like An Old Factory Floor.

This floor is made of dark, distressed wood blocks placed evenly. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, the aesthetic here is meant to look like an old factory floor. And it does the job very well. via remodelaholic

Stenciled Floor

Stenciled Floor.

Stenciling is always one of the best and easiest ways to give the floor a makeover while adding some character to it. In this case, white flowers were painted sporadically on what appears to be natural wood tiles. The finished project ties in with the room’s decoration beautifully, since there are white and more natural colored pieces of furniture in it. via remodelista

Natural Grey Oak Wooden Floor

Natural Grey Oak Wooden Floor.

The polished, yet imperfect slabs of this natural oak floor are in perfect synergy with the living room decoration that features a cozy fireplace and wood accents. The soft gray color really complements the light walls and furniture to complete the elegant look. via periodideas

Natural White And Black Tile Floor For Laundry Room

Natural White And Black Tile Floor For Laundry Room.

Tile is a classic choice for areas like this laundry room, as it is usually easier to clean than other materials. The black and white pattern is quite beautiful. via source

Wood Tile In A Herringbone Pattern

Wood Tile In A Herringbone Pattern.

This type of wood tile floor is another classic that looks and works nicely in every room. The pattern is really easy to create and the natural wood adds a kind of rustic charm to the space. In this case, a small border was left between the tiles to further enhance the pattern. via greigedesign

Bathroom Floor With Mosaic Inlays

Bathroom Floor With Mosaic Inlays.

This is a great example of a classic bathroom floor with a twist. The main flooring is made of white tile squares, but beautiful mosaic squares were added at the corners to create beautiful and somewhat unexpected detail. via houzz

Herringbone Pattern Wood Tile

Herringbone Pattern Wood Tile.

This is another herringbone floor made with faux wood. These tiles are darker and more polished than the ones that we’ve seen before, which adds a more elegant look. Using wood tiles instead of actual natural wood allows the flooring to stay in good shape for a much longer time. via asugaredlife

DIY Penny Floor

DIY Penny Floor.

Now this is a very original flooring idea. Here, pennies were painstakingly put on the ground to create a shiny copper floor that you definitely do not see every day. via handimania

Use Smaller Tiles as a Threshold to Transition From Tile to Wood

Use Smaller Tiles as a Threshold to Transition From Tile to Wood.

This isn’t an actual flooring idea, but rather more of a decorative transition. Here, small tile squares of different warm hues were used to create a border and enhance the otherwise unnatural transition between tile and wooden floors. via source

Barn Wood Flooring

Barn Wood Flooring.

The barn wood flooring is perfect for a cottage bedroom decoration, as you see here. The different wood textures and colors provide the rustic appeal that contrasts but also complements the feminine bed and curtains. via pinterest

Hexagon Tiles to Hardwood Floor Transition

Hexagon Tiles to Hardwood Floor Transition.

The room has two different flooring types, and the transition between the two is quite eye-catching. The white hexagon tiles were left with an uneven edge to create a transition into the dark wood that looks somewhat unfinished, but in a very artistic way. via toppstiles

Black Hexagon Tiles Transition Into Wood Flooring

Black Hexagon Tiles Transition Into Wood Flooring.

This is a very similar project to the previous one, except the colors. Here, the transition is from black hexagon tiles into light wood flooring. The transition is still uneven, but there is more of a pattern in this case. The wood slabs themselves are quite natural and have different hues and textures. via contemporist

Amazing Distressed Wood Looking Tile

Amazing Distressed Wood Looking Tile.

This flooring is really amazing because it looks like distressed light wood, but it’s in fact made of tile. The illusion is actually quite perfectly achieved via trendir

DIY Painted and Stenciled Ceramic Tile Floor

DIY Painted and Stenciled Ceramic Tile Floor.

The ceramic tile floor was quite ugly and looked somewhat dirty to begin with, so it desperately needed a makeover. To achieve that, the tiles were painted white and then decorated with a beautiful black stenciled pattern. The result is very elegant. via cuttingedgestencils

Faux Brick Tile Flooring

Faux Brick Tile Flooring.

This beautiful distressed herringbone flooring may seem like it’s made from brick, but it is actually tile. The illusion is quite well-achieved, and the gray floors look beautiful with the room’s decoration. via designmeetstyle

Distressed Bamboo Flooring

Distressed Bamboo Flooring.

Bamboo always has a lightness and elegance to it. This rich flooring, however, has a slightly distressed look which allows it to complement the room decoration nicely and wear well over time. via pinterest

Cordwood Flooring

Cordwood Flooring.

The cordwood flooring has a very unique look, which is more usual in outdoor spaces. After all the pieces were laid down, it was covered with a substance to seal it, make the surface more even to walk on and enhance the look with a warm burnished tone. via source

Peel and Stick Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

Peel and Stick Wood Look Vinyl Flooring.

The funny thing about floorings is that they are rarely exactly what they seem. This one, for instance, looks like it may be made from a combination of peel and stick wood in gray tones. In reality, the beautiful texture conceals a vinyl surface, which may not look as interesting but is in fact much sturdier. via simplybeautifulbyangela

Grey Maple Flooring

Grey Maple Flooring.

This is exactly what it looks like: a beautiful gray maple wood floor. The wood has plenty of texture and nuance, while its gray colors really enhance this bathroom space with subtle contrast. via centsationalgirl

Colored Tiles Flooring Coordinating Wall Color

Colored Tiles Flooring Coordinating Wall Color.

This is very traditional, shiny rectangular tile, the kind that is often used for bathroom and shower flooring. This one seems to be a shade of gray-toned light blue, meant to match the room’s walls. via tarpapercrane

Heart Patterned Floor

Heart Patterned Floor.

What an interesting pattern choice for the bathroom floor. This particular floor is made from small white tiles with a fairly large black heart in the middle. via abeautifulmess

DIY Geometric Wood Flooring for $80

DIY Geometric Wood Flooring for $80.

This is, once again, quite a unique flooring design. Here, triangles of light, polished wood were installed somewhat unevenly to create a kind of geometric, star-shaped floor. via vintagerevivals

Bottle Cap Flooring

Bottle Cap Flooring.

There’s no better way to create a unique and colorful floor than using recycled bottle caps, as you see here. One must be aware, however, that a lot of bottle caps and patience are needed in order to achieve this psychedelic look. via hometalk

Repurposed Leather Belt Floors

Repurposed Leather Belt Floors.

This is another incredible upcycling idea for flooring. Here, the narrow walkway was lined with old leather belts of many colors and styles to create a sturdy and unusual looking floor. via source

Wood Floors Made From Old Pallets

Wood Floors Made From Old Pallets.

Reclaimed wood is usually the best option for any project. This floor, in particular, is made using slabs from older pallets which were cut to size and then polished. The finished floor itself looks good as new. via source

DIY Wood And Brick Floor

DIY Wood And Brick Floor.

Neat idea using salvaged 2x4s and slices of old bricks for a floor. via 1900farmhouse.blogspot.sg

Wood Look Tiles In Herringbone Pattern

Wood Look Tiles In Herringbone Pattern.

A real wood look without the wood worry. Wood plank tiles make the perfect alternative for wood floors. Create interest by laying your tile in a timeless herringbone pattern, giving your space elegant design presence with an even bigger wow. via designmeetstyle

Herringbone Floors With Vinyl Stick Down Planks

Herringbone Floors With Vinyl Stick Down Planks.

via lilawolff

Wood And Tile Basket Weave Floor

 Wood And Tile Basket Weave Floor.

via johnbridge


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