Free Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Once the fall season hits, the air will become crisp and cool. It’s lovely to just sit down, and relax with some beautiful free crochet projects to get you started on this wonderful season. It’s also frustrating to crochet beautiful hats, bags, scarves, blankets or whatever else you want for your loved ones.

Crochet is a super versatile knit that can be used with many different materials to make various kinds of crafts. It’s better to make your own crochet projects than to buy them in stores, because you’re more likely to like and enjoy every aspect of it.

Today we’re going to share some really cool and easy to do ideas to make crochet crafts, which will make good gifts, wearing items, or useful home decors. Let’s head over to these collection ideas and get much more inspiration for our crocheting. Use your creativity and try one of them.

Please Let us know in the comments section below if you enjoy our list of free easy crochet patterns for beginners or not? Do you have any other beautiful projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. Thank you!

Lovey Crochet Giraffe

 Lovey Crochet Giraffe.

This cute giraffe works up so quick, and it’s so fun to mix and match colors. Get the free crochet pattern here

Beautiful Crochet Trinket Boxes

Beautiful Crochet Trinket Boxes .

Beautiful vintage handmade crocheted trinket boxes. See more here

Crochet Bunny Paw

Crochet Bunny Paw.

This cute bunny paw woule look cute on the bottom of a baby bootie. Get the free crochet pattern here

Crochet Car Seat Cover

Crochet Car Seat Cover.

Love this easy lovely cute car seat cover. And it is stunningly cute, trendy, and fun to work up. Get the free pattern here

Crochet T-shirt Yarn Rug

Crochet T-shirt Yarn Rug.

Make this beautiful t-shirt yarn rug for the favorite room in your house. Get the easy tutorial on how to make a rug here

Crochet Mug Cozy

Crochet Mug Cozy.

A crochet coffee cozy is a knitted piece that wraps around a coffee cup. It provides extra insulation, keeping coffee in cups warm while protecting fingers from the heat. Make this cute mug cozy in 30 minutes! It could make a super fun gift too! See the tutorial here

Crochet Mermaid Tail for Baby

Crochet Mermaid Tail for Baby.  Free crochet pattern

Free pattern via bhookedcrochet. For people who are busy and have no time to do it, get this best crochet baby mermaid costume from Amazon that is very cute for the price.

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties.

This cute Sweet hand crocheted baby booties can make a darling baby gift. See the step-by-step making here

Crochet Ear-warmer

Crochet Ear-warmer.

Beautiful ear warmers are incredibly popular right now! See how to crochet your own with this very easy free pattern, perfect for beginners! tutorial

Crochet Baby Turban

Crochet Baby Turban.

Bring a pop of fun color to any outfit with this simple and easy crochet baby turban for your little one. Get the free crochet patternhere<. Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend Yarn was used in this project, and you cant get it via Amazon./div>

Beautiful Crochet Coasters

Beautiful Crochet Coasters.

Make a beautiful set of crochet coasters and add a homemade touch and save the environment. Great crochet project for beginners. Head over to the full tutorial with step-by-step photography source. For people who who don’t want to do it themselves, this handmade crochet coaster from Amazon is recommend.

Crochet Urban Slouchy Beanie

Crochet Urban Slouchy Beanie.

Be cozy and beautiful through the cold in a stretchy and adorable crochet beanie. This crochet pattern whips up in under an hour. See how to here

Cute Crochet Teddy Bear

Cute Crochet Teddy Bear. Free pattern

This would make a beautiful gift for any kid and it’s not difficult to crochet! Free pattern via gosyo

Chunky Crocheted Baskets

Chunky Crocheted Baskets .

Beginner’s crochet project. Make gorgeous chunky crocheted baskets for storage and organization. Learn how to make your own baskets with this easy crochet photo tutorialhere

Crochet Sofa Blanket

Crochet Sofa Blanket.

Beginner crochet pattern that looks great in any home and makes a great gift for Mother’s Day! See the easy tutorial here

Cute Crocheted Swirly Cupcake

Cute Crocheted Swirly Cupcake.

Easy, Cute, and playful! This crocheted swirly cupcake is perfect for pretend play or as a pin cushion! See the tutorial here

Crochet Flower Power Valance

Crochet Flower Power Valance.

This crochet pattern is easy to follow and works up pretty fast. Get the free pattern here

Long Double Crochet Cowl

Long Double Crochet Cowl.

Crochet this simple and quick crochet cowl to help keep you warm and beautiful this winter! Follow along with the free tutorial to make your own here

Crochet Fuzzy Baby Bunny Outfit

Crochet Fuzzy Baby Bunny Outfit.

How cute the baby looks in this crochet fuzzy baby bunny outfit! And it’s easy to do. Head over to the full tutorial here

Crochet Star Christmas Ornament

Crochet Star Christmas Ornament.

You can make this crochet star ornament for your Christmas tree using your stash of scrap yarn. And it would be super easy to make too. See the tutorial here

Crochet Aviator Hat

Crochet Aviator Hat.

Keep your little ones head warm this year with an adorable newborn aviator hat! This simple step-by-step photo tutorial will walk you through. See it here

Cute Crochet Little Owl

 Cute Crochet Little Owl.

This cute little owl is very easy to make and it will look lovely on a crocheted hat, bag or blanket. See the step-by-step making here

Beautiful Crochet Roses

Beautiful Crochet Roses.

These roses are quick and easy to crochet and give a beautiful result. Give it a go with this fun pattern here

Cute Crochet Fabric Baskets

Cute Crochet Fabric Baskets.

Use fabric scraps to make fabulous storage baskets. here

Crochet Edging on Flannel Blankets

Crochet Edging on Flannel Blankets.

This is super easy and could make lovely blankets . Tutorial via purlbee

Loose Crochet Poncho

Loose Crochet Poncho.

If you’re looking for a functional yet fashionable crochet project wear with jeans and boots, opt for a poncho. Free pattern via ravelry


  1. Anita Cox Reply

    I love your crochet patterns, some quick and easy projects that you know you can finish.

  2. Donna Reply

    I would love to get the pattern for the poncho. It’s so cute!

  3. Colleen Stewart Reply

    What a delightful site! I am a Grandmother and we are expecting a new Grandchild in August so I am going to make the little cute booties plus I am going to make 3 headwarmers for Amelia, Sophie and Bree – our young Grand-Daughters- they are going to love them – we are just going into Autumn now. Thank you so much-Kind Regards Colleen.

  4. Wendy Reply

    Are there written patterns I can get

  5. Patty Reply

    Working on the ruffles and I am so confused. I wish there was a video.

    • Patty Reply

      P.S. I am working on the mermaid blanket.

  6. sharon Reply

    Love your samples. I must find a way to download a pattern.

  7. Diane Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Going to work up a loose crochet poncho for my daughter-in-law for Christmas.

  8. Cathy M. Reply

    The poncho is PERFECT for what I want to crotchet. Don’t need a pattern. I see how to do it. It really is simple. Thanks for posting it.

  9. Jamie Amaya Reply

    I am looking for the crocheted baby sling.

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