20 Fun and Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Photos add a very personal touch to your cards. Everyone loves to see the smiling faces of the people they love. Take a look at these Fun & Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas. I hope these creative photos inspire you as much as they did me.

Fun and Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas!

Christmas Chalkboard photo.

Christmas Chalkboard photo, source


Reflections, source

Lovely Kid Photo.

Lovely Kid Photo, source

Dogs with Christmas Lights.

Dogs with Christmas Lights, source

All Wrapped Up.

All Wrapped Up, source

Wrapped Up in a Wreath.

Wrapped Up in a Wreath, source

Candy Cane Heart Christmas Photo.

Candy Cane Heart Christmas Photo, source

The Balancing Act.

The Balancing Act, source

Joy To The World.

Joy To The World, source

Dear Santa, I can explain.

Dear Santa, I can explain, source

Heart Shape Light.

Heart Shape Light, source

Christmas Photo Shoot.

Christmas Photo Shoot, source

Road Photographs.

Road Photographs, source

Baby's 1st Christmas.

Baby’s 1st Christmas, source

Funny Christmas Card.

Funny Christmas Card, source

Awesome Christmas Card Photo.

Awesome Christmas Card Photo, source

Fun Christmas Photo.

Fun Christmas Photo, source

All Taped Up.

All Taped Up, source

Hot cocoa stand.

Hot cocoa stand, source

Baby Driving Tree.

Baby Driving Tree, source

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