20 Fun and Creative Family Photo Ideas

Are you planning for your annual family picture so you can get it done in time for your holiday cards? Take a look at these Fun & Creative Family Photo Ideas for inspiration. There’s surely something for everyone here, no matter your style, sense of humor, photoshop skill and even number of family members.

Fun and Creative Family Photo Ideas!

2 + 2 = 4.

2 + 2 = 4, source

Newborn Photography.

Newborn Photography, source

The Bale Family’s Christmas.

The Bale Family’s Christmas, source

Kissing Family Photo Idea.

Kissing Family Photo Idea, source

Kids Peeking Family Photo.

Kids Peeking Family Photo, source

Kids Take Parents Hostage.

Kids Take Parents Hostage, source

Under the Covers.

Under the Covers, source

Kid Hanging Upside Down.

Kid Hanging Upside Down, source

Throwing Child in the Air.

Throwing Child in the Air, source

Jumping Up.

Jumping Up, source

Confetti Fall Photo.

Confetti Fall Photo, source

Winter Family Photography.

Winter Family Photography, source

Lovely Family Photo.

Lovely Family Photo, source

Hands Family Photo Idea.

Hands Family Photo Idea, source

Grandparents Leaving.

Grandparents Leaving, source

Fun Family Photo.

Fun Family Photo, source

Mommy, Daddy, Me and Little Sister.

Mommy, Daddy, Me and Little Sister, source

Family Heart.

Family Heart, source

Family Gallery.

Family Gallery, source

Composite Family Portrait.

Composite Family Portrait, source

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