Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

You’re probably new to the gentleman’s game of golf and you simply need a couple of tips to set you in motion. Don’t feel discouraged, even the greatest golf players started out from nothing and worked their way up with hard work and dedication. The process will be time-consuming and it won’t be easy at first, but with the proper attitude, you can get anything done. Your persistence is the key for the best swing, so be sure not to give up on practicing it. Here we will be talking about five different tips that are certainly going to improve your swing.


Use your hips in order to keep in balance.

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Your balance is the basis of the swing. Many beginners don’t think about it at all, although it’s very important for making your swing good. You may feel out of balance at first and even stumble a bit when hitting the golf ball. That’s because your arms are swinging faster than your body is turning. If you come down on the ball without your body turning at the same time, then the momentum of the golf club will certainly pull you out of balance. And if you have too much speed, the club will have a great chance of pulling you backward one you hit the ball. You want to get your spine straight, keep it that way, and turn through with your body at the same time you do with your swing. Use your hips in order to keep in balance!

Don’t Bend You Lead Arm

Don't Bend You Lead Arm.

Rotate Your Body’s Core Through The Shot For More Distance


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One-Piece Takeaway

Practicing the one-piece takeaway will help you in getting a straighter shot and will help you in make your results more consistent. In order to do that, you want your body to work well with your arms, instead of only your arms doing all the work. Otherwise, you’ll have less control over the club. Start moving the club with your shoulders and chest, not just the hands. Playing only with your hands will not produce power nor consistency in your shots. Practice shots using your entire body and you’ll quickly improve the quality of your shots.

Improve Your Golf With Yoga Practice

Improve Your Golf With Yoga Practice.

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Practicing your tempo will help you achieve the maximum power.

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Practicing your tempo will definitely help you achieve the maximum power. It lets your hands and body square the club face to the right line, and will let your body shift the momentum in the right sequence which will vastly improve the power of the shot. Tempo is the thing that glues everything in place. You need to have your arms and body going in the same direction at the same time in order to achieve a perfect tempo. Timing is very important, so when you get to the ball everything and winds up correctly, your shot will be much stronger.

The Tilted Circle

The golf swing must always follow a tilted circle.

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Remember that the golf swing must always follow a tilted circle. In order to get more consistent results, you’ll have to follow that circle with your golf club. The swing must not be horizontal nor vertical, it simply needs to follow the same circle every time in order to make your results better.

Visualizing The Shot

Visualize the shot you want to hit.

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Don’t get too stiff in your shots and try not to make them mechanical. If you always try to make the same shot perfect using the same technique, it will probably only create tension, and tension is the least thing you want in a game of golf. The shot needs to flow naturally. Just walk to the ball, take a breath, release the tension, visualize the shot you want to hit, align the club face properly, and just let it go.

These tips will certainly help you get into the game and will improve your golf swings. It is important to keep practicing all aspects of the shot and to be persistent. Soon your shots are going to get much better than they were before.

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