25 Fun and Beautiful Handprint & Footprint Crafts for Your Kids to Make This Summer

Kids love painting with their hands or feet. They enjoy stamping their hand and foot print onto paper, leaving behind a personal imprint and the feeling of dipping their hands into the wet, gooey paints. It is also a charming way for kids to create different crafts simply with their hands and creativity as heartwarming and personal gifts for parents, teachers or other important grown-ups in their life. In this post, I’ll share some beautiful and fun ideas of handprint and footprint crafts. You can take a look and have a try during this summer season.

Footprint Sailboat Craft for Kids to Make

Footprint Sailboat Craft for Kids to Make.

Footprint Duck

Footprint Duck.

Cute Flip Flop Craft

Cute Flip Flop Craft.

Footprint Beach and Palm Trees

Footprint Beach and Palm Trees.

Footprint American Flag Craft for Kids

Footprint American Flag Craft for Kids.

Handprint Ice Cream

Handprint Ice Cream.

Sweet Handprint Tutu

Sweet Handprint Tutu.

Handprint Crab Craft

Handprint Crab Craft .

Bald Eagle Handprint and Footprint Craft

Bald Eagle Handprint and Footprint Craft.

Easy Handprint Flamingo Craft for Kids

Easy Handprint Flamingo Craft for Kids.

Handprint Sun

Handprint Sun.

Handprint and Footprint Flower Craft

Handprint and Footprint Flower Craft.


Handprint and Footprint Mermaid

Handprint and Footprint Mermaid.

Adorable Handprint Owls

Adorable Handprint Owls.

Rainbow Handprint Flower

Rainbow Handprint Flower.

Handprint Peacocks

Handprint Peacocks.

Handprint Mermaid

Handprint Mermaid.

Handprint Kite

Handprint Kite.

Bunny Rabbit Handprint

Bunny Rabbit Handprint

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Handprint Frog Craft

Handprint Frog Craft.

Handprint Bouquets Craft

Handprint Bouquets Craft.

Handprint Owl Craft

Handprint Owl Craft.

Butterfly Handprint Craft

Butterfly Handprint Craft.


Handprint Fish Craft

Handprint Fish Craft.

Handprint Monkey on a Vine

Handprint Monkey on a Vine.

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