10+ Homemade Building Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Marble Runs

1 marble runs craft

Homemade House

2 homemade cardboard tube house

Homemade Building Craft

3 homemade building craft

Toilet Paper Roll Tower

4 toilet paper roll tower

Toilet Paper Roll Castle

5 toilet paper roll castle

Toilet Paper Roll Castle

6 toilet paper roll castle

Castle Craft

7 homemade castle craft

Doll Slides & Castles

8 doll slides castles

Castle and Loo Roll Men

9 castle and loo roll men

Cardboard Tube Tower Craft

10 cardboard tube tower craft

Toilet Paper Roll Henge

11 toilet paper roll henge

Homemade Castle

12 homemade castle

Homemade Tinker-Like Toys

13 homemade tinker like toys

DIY Castle

14 diy castle for kid

Toilet Paper Roll Castle

15 toilet paper roll castle

Toilet Roll Structures – Pyramid

16 toilet roll pyramid

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