30+ Inspiring Miscarriage Tattoos

Baby in Ribbon Heart


Never in My Arms, Always in My Heart


Too Beautiful for Earth



Abortion Tattoo on Stomach


Each Whisp is a Baby Lost


Baby Memorial Matching Tattoos


Matching Memorial Tattoos for Lost Baby



Angel Wings, Heart and Cross


Ribbon Butterfly Miscarriage Tattoo


Footprints in Heart


Ribbon Heart on Wrist



Wrist Ribbon Butterfly for Miscarriage


Heart and Footprint Behind Ear


Ribbon Butterfly and Footprints


Wrist Tattoo for Ribbon Butterfly


Ribbon Heart on Foot with a Bird Flying Away


Ribbon Miscarriage


Miscarriage Ribbon Tattoo on Foot


Memorial Tattoo for Baby Loss


Love with Handprint and Footprint


Bird and Ribbon on Neck


Ribbon, Footprints and Butterfly on Wrist


Miscarriage Ribbon with Baby Name


Heart and Footprints on Ankle


Heart with Angel Wings


Owl and Ribbon on Wrist


Angel Baby Memorial Tattoo on Shoulder


Ribbon with Angel Wings


Memorial Tattoo for Baby Loss


Too Beautiful for Earth Foot Tattoo


Baby and Skull Hourglass



Skull Tree for Miscarriage



  1. Simon Cowell Reply

    These are the most tacky tattoos I have ever seen. I understand remembering a lost child born or unborn, but to draw it on your skin? Why? Forgetful people?

    • Traci Reply

      I think it’s a beautiful way to remember their loss. It’s not up to you to judge the way they grieve.

      • Sarah Reply

        Until u felt a baby heart beat and kick
        Sang to ur unborn and gave em a name.. then shut the bleep up

    • Addy Cay Reply

      Because you lose a piece of your heart. Having something permanent, that is always with you and is tangible that you can touch and see is a bandaid over a jagged wound. You don’t forget but the tattoo is there so you can look and remember, it also serves as a way to speak about your baby. People ask me what my tattoo is for and it gives me a chance to talk about him, to make sure he isn’t forgotten and know that he was a person and is and always will be important.

    • Margie Reply

      when u have a miscarriage there is no memorial or grave to visit . Tattoos a form of expression and its shallow of u to judge how a person grieves a loss or honors the memory. If it’s not for u fine but don’t b so judgemental of others

    • Alejandra Reply

      I just went through a miscarriage, I was nine weeks. I don’t have stretch marks I was too early for an ultrasound, I have no proof I was pregnant. and no I don’t want to forget ever because my angel was a part of me, my heart broke. All my plans, baby names, baby clothes mean nothing. I want a tattoo something to mark my skin forever a reflection of the scars on my heart.

    • Amanda Reply

      Have you carried and lost a child? Memory tattoos are beautiful I have one for my friend I lost and I’m getting one for my baby I just lost. Maybe not be so judge mental

    • Amber Reply

      What’s even more “tacky” is someone belittling their child’s memorial tattoo. Grow up. People choose to grieve in different forms… I’m sure they could care less what you think of it:)

  2. MC Reply

    Simon, you must not know the loss and the hurt that losing a baby brings. Everyone has the right to mourn and heal in their own way and this is a way for some to remember their little angels. Who are you to judge people placing these memories on their bodies.

  3. Michele Reply

    Not to forget, Simon, but so that other people ask and know that someone important was once here.

  4. Jamie Reply

    How dare you. I have lost 2 babies now. One to SIDS and the other still born. I have a tattoo on my arm for my first loss. I will never forget her. Not do I want to. Why don’t you try losing a child and then tell me what to do or don’t do

    • Olivia Reply

      A good many vaallbues you’ve given me.

  5. budgies Reply

    It is not only intelligent but can speak when given proper training.
    They have a great disposition in how they carry themselves
    with such pride. I’d like to hear your opinion on what
    you think of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

  6. Orla Reply

    I remember my lost child all day every day, Simon. I always have and always will. I am still planning a tattoo. Carving her name into my skin will represent how her spirit is carved into my soul. Not that any of that matters to an amoeba like you.

  7. Musa Reply

    I lost my beautiful baby girl at 20weeks. It still hurts and I will never forget her. Planning to have a tatto with her name with her hand and footprint……

  8. Paliey Reply

    I lost baby Arefa at 26 weeks due to eclampsia, I generally do not like tattoo’s but then i am thinking of getting one for her,because I do not want to forget that experience.

  9. Kylie Reply

    The Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo is mine. <3 I got this tattoo after the loss of my angel baby, October, to an ectopic pregnancy in 2012.

  10. Kathy Hawryluk Reply

    I’m not much into tattoos, as a matter of fact I hate them. I understand you wanting to remember the child you lost but that memory should always be in you heart and mind. I lost a child after he was born. He died when he was 5 weeks old. He never came home from the hospital. We have a picture of him hanging on our wall and we’ve done other things to remember him by, like having a plaque with his name on it on a hiking trail.

  11. lori davidson Reply

    My child died in my arms, and I don’t just mourn his life but I mourn the life he never got to live. I mourn the children he never had when I see my 4 other grandchildren open presents on Christmas. I think of him every day and cry every Birthday and he would be 32 this November. I use his birthdate as my PIN to pay homage to him in my own special way. To say that the tattoo is because “we” are forgetful people is very insulting.

  12. Nikki Reply

    I got a memorial tattoo recently of some wildflowers and hand and footprint. I love it and always think of him when I look at it. I was 14 weeks along and lost him on Christmas Day.

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