How To Make Glitter Galaxy Slime

How To Make Glitter Galaxy Slime.

Everyone seems to love slime at the moment. Children and teenagers enjoy getting their hands dirty and throwing the stuff around, adults find making and stretching the slime calming and relaxing.

Slime is more than just a fad or trend though. Everyone has their own take on it, and the internet abounds with recipes and tutorials on how to complete this strangely satisfying project.

Glitter slime is arguably one of the best kinds. Kids love the colors and shine, adults are mesmerized by the patterns of color and glitter combinations like galaxy slime.

Making any kind of slime, even the clear type, is a bit of an art that might take some tries for you to master, but the ingredients are quite cheap and easy to find, so you should be able to try until you succeed. And we promise you’ll love your creation.

Just get some glue, liquid starch, food coloring and your chosen glitter ready, then follow the instructions for how to make glitter galaxy slime carefully and you will be playing in no time!

Check it all out below! Here’s your quick guide to making glitter galaxy slime:

1. Mix your whole bottle of glue in a bowl with a cup of liquid starch to get started.

2. Add you dark blue food coloring and glitters, making sure to get the right color and glitter distribution.

3. Once the mixture starts looking like dough, add some water and start kneading it.

4. Tweak the recipe as needed to get the result you want. Also make sure the glitter is evenly distributed as you knead the mixture.

5. Let the mixture dry fully until it is slimy but not sticky, and your slime will be ready!

6. Start again if you need to: you’ll get there eventually, and definitely have fun in the process.

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