10+ Clever and Useful Pumpkin Hacks That Will Totally Up Your Halloween Game

Pumpkins are a major Halloween or Fall decoration staple. When the holiday time is around the corner, you’re sure to find pumpkins decorated in and around houses, stores, and even corporate buildings. But are they only good for jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie? No! There are tons of things that you can do with your pumpkin that don’t involve carving out a scary face; things that you can actually use!

The humble pumpkin actually has plenty to offer, and when you turn them into practical pieces for your home, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: making full use of these yummy fruits while also adding a touch of decor to your home or party.

Here are 10+ clever and useful pumpkin hacks that will totally up your Halloween game.

Pumpkin Party Cooler

Pumpkin Party Cooler.

Cut the pumpkin in half, carve out the insides, place a glass blow inside, add some ice cubes, and of course, your drinks or beverages: an instant party cooler that doubles as a Halloween decor. source

Make a DIY Pumpkin Keg Tap in Minutes

Make a DIY Pumpkin Keg Tap in Minutes.

With some simple tools and an ordinary pumpkin, you can easily serve beer, or the cocktail of your choice at your Halloween party. source

DIY Pumpkin Tea Set

DIY Pumpkin Tea Set.

Carve out any regular pumpkin, and turn it into this supercool tea set. source

Carve Out A Pumpkin And Place A Metal Can For Flower Arrangement

Carve Out A Pumpkin And Place A Metal Can For Flower Arrangement.

Turn a pumpkin into a flower vase or garden pot by carving out the center and placing a metal can to hold flowers, plants, or anything that you’d like to decorate in your home. source

DIY Pumpkin Candle Holder

DIY Pumpkin Candle Holder.

Paint your pumpkin stark white, carve out the top big enough to hold a candle holder, and place the holder inside. Decorate with some leaves and you’ve got a beautiful pumpkin candle holder that looks absolutely fantastic on any foyer or dining table. source

Drill holes in a pumpkin for easy, creative designs

Drill holes in a pumpkin for easy, creative designs.

Who said you can only carve creepy faces on your pumpkin? With the use of an electric drill, you can drill holes and make any image you want. Place some glow sticks or candles inside and light them up at night. source

Make A Serving Bowl For Dip

Make A Serving Bowl For Dip.

Use small-sized pumpkins for this project. Simply carve out the pumpkin, place tiny ceramic bowls inside, and pour any dip on the bowl. This project will definitely make your guests smile once you serve your appetizers. source

A Better Way to Cut a Pumpkin

A Better Way to Cut a Pumpkin.

You don’t always have to carve your pumpkin from the top. Slice the top and carve out the body so you can easily place candles and other ornaments inside. source

Carving a Pumpkin Using a Cookie Cutter

Carving a Pumpkin Using a Cookie Cutter.

Want to carve out cute images on your pumpkin instead? Why not use cookie cutters for some instant character? Use a heart cookie cutter, stars, teddy bears, and just about anything! source

Turn a Pumpkin into Your Party Menu

Turn a Pumpkin into Your Party Menu.

Announce your Halloween or Thanksgiving menu by writing it on a pumpkin. Paint some pumpkins black and write down your menu in white. source

How To Prepare Pumpkins So They Last

How To Prepare Pumpkins So They Last.

So you’ve bought a few pumpkins from the supermarket but Halloween is still 15 days away. What do you do? This guide will tell you exactly how so you can make your own pumpkins last and get more for your money. source

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