150+ Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are those items that we use every day. Instead of just throwing those empty toilet paper tubes out, we can repurpose them as creative crafts for kids or home decoration. Here are 150+ Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for your inspiration. Utilize those your toilet paper tubes by trying one of these fun crafts.

60 Homemade Animal Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

35 3 little pigs

20 Homemade Transport Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

20 homemade train craft

10+ Homemade Building Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

10 cardboard tube tower craft

15 Creative Toilet Paper Roll Art Ideas for Decoration

1 heart shape wall decoration

Marble Run

1 homemade marble run

Marble Run

2 handmade marble run

Marble Works

3 homemade marble works

Fun Bean Ramp Game


5 homemade racetrack

Toddler Tubes

6 toddler tubes craft


7 homemade teeterboard

Santa, Snowman and Reindeer for Christmas

Christmas Craft

9 christmas craft

Christmas Choir

10 christmas choir


11 homemade snowman craft

Cardboard Tube Santa

12 toilet paper roll santa


13 homemade santas craft

Christmas Trees

14 christmas trees

Holiday Elves

15 holiday elves craft


Homemade Angel Craft


18 homemade angel

Homemade Cupid

19 homemade cupid

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Halloween

20 toilet paper roll crafts for halloween

Little Monsters

21 little monsters


22 homemade monsters

Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Characters

23 toilet paper tube halloween crafts

Cardboard Tube Monster

24 homemade monster

Homemade Pop Up Toys

25 pop up toys

Glowing Eyes

Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Crafts

27 toilet paper tube halloween crafts

Minion Crafts

28 diy minion toy

DIY Minion

29 toilet paper roll minion

Pumpkin Craft

30 homemade pumpkin craft

DIY Robot

Homemade Robot Craft

32 diy robot craft

Garbage Art Teaches Creativity

33 garbage art teaches creativity

Cardboard Tube Dolls

DIY Batman

35 homemade batman

Shamrock Men

36 shamrock men

DIY Advent Calendar

37 diy advent calendar

Countdown Calendar

38 countdown calendar

Count Down Calendar

39 count down calendar

DIY Gift Box

40 homemade gift box

Heart Stamp for Kids

Flower Stamp

42 flower stamp idea

Indoor Planters

43 indoor planters

Tiny Pots for Seedlings

44 tiny pots for seedlings

Christmas Tree

45 christmas tree

Craft for Valentine

46 craft for valentine

Toilet Paper Tube Party Favors

47 toilet paper tube party favors

Birthday Crowns

48 birthday crowns


49 homemade stamps

Bird Houses


Tomboy Stitch

52 tomboy stitch

Super Hero Bracelets

53 super hero bracelets

Chair Crafts

Homemade Mushrooom

Fall Art Trees

Cardboard Tube Flowers

57 homemade flowers craft


58 toilet paper roll flower

Cut Out Forest

59 cut out forest

Cardboard Tube Diorama

60 homemade diorama craft

Lantern Ornament

61 lantern ornament

Windmill Craft

62 windmill craft

Number Recognition & Ordering

Color Matching Game

64 color matching game

Pre Sewing Activities

Bird Feeder

66 bird feeder craft