20 Homemade Transport Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Balloon Powered Racers

1 balloon powered racers

Hummingbird Flyer

2 diy hummingbird flyer

DIY Rocket

3 diy rocket craft

Space Rocket

4 diy space rocket

Homemade Paper Space Shuttle

5 diy paper space shuttle


6 homemade rocket craft

Homemade Space Rocket

7 homemade space rocket


8 homemade spaceship


9 homemade airplanes


10 homemade airplane

Homemade Aeroplane

11 homemade aeroplane

Plane and Pilot

12 homemade plane and pilot

Homemade Race Cars

13 diy race cars craft

Cardboard Car

14 diy cardboard car

Race Car Craft

15 diy race car craft

Green Art Car

16 diy green art car

Homemade Racer

17 homemade racer

Homemade Train Craft

18 homemade train craft

Toilet Roll Trains

19 diy toilet roll trains

Train Craft

20 homemade train craft


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    what a great ste I love recycle upcycle designing and making

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