80+ Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts

25 Creative Wine Bottle Chandelier Ideas

2 recycled chandeliers craft

20+ Creative Wine Bottle Centerpieces

1 vintage wedding centerpiece

Peacock for Christmas

1 peacock for christmas


2 wine bottle craft flowers

Blue Wine Bottle Torch

3 blue wine bottle torch

Table Lamp

4 wine bottle craft table lamp

Painted Wine Bottles for Valentine’s Day decoration

5 painted wine bottles valentine

Hanging Lantern

6 homemade hanging lantern

Candle Holder

7 homemade bottle candle holder


8 wine bottle craft light

Recycled Shelving and Tables

9 recycled shelving and tables

Hummingbird Feeder

10 hummingbird feeder

Wind Chimes

11 diy wind chimes

Wind Chime

12 homemade wind chime

Bottle Clock

13 homemade bottle clock

User Designed Table

14 user designed table

Wind Chime

15 homemade wind chime

Recycled Wind Chime

16 recycled wind chime

Christmas Tree

17 diy christmas tree


18 wine bottle tree craft

Christmas Tree

19 homemade christmas tree

Bottle Tree

20 wine bottle tree

Bottle Tree

21 wine bottle tree


22 wine bottle curtain

Wine Bottle Plant

23 wine bottle plant


24 wine bottle light

DIY Wine Bottle Hanging Planters

25 diy hanging planters

DIY Herb Garden

26 diy herb garden

Craft for Wedding

27 craft for wedding

Colorful Bottle Lantern

28 colorful bottle lantern

Accent Light

29 homemade accent light

Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

30 wine bottle jack o lanterns

Wine Bottle Lamps

Christmas Crafts with Wine Bottles

32 christmas crafts

Love Letters

33 homemade love letters

Love Letters

34 diy love letters

Love Letters

35 love letters

Wine Letters

36 handmade wine letters

Christmas Decoration

37 christmas decoration


38 wine bottle lamp


39 wine bottle vases