20+ Easy to Make Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable times of year, for the most part. The little ones love dressing up and trick-or-treating, teens and young adults take advantage of the night’s wild parties and older adults enjoy the chance to deck their houses in more or less spooky themes.

There is a large spectrum of Halloween decorating styles. Some people embrace the spooky season fully, while others opt for more benign, cartoonish pieces. Some do an elegant, somewhat Fall themed take on the holiday, others choose to decorate the house in the style of their favorite Halloween movies.

However you choose to decorate your house, you can easily do it tastefully while keeping to a small budget, if you opt for homemade pieces. Crafting these pieces will not only allow you to save money, but it can also be a relaxing project for yourself or to share with the family.

Here are some Easy to Make Halloween Decorations that are far more original than your typical carved pumpkin.

DIY Pumpkin Planter From A Painted Plastic Treat Bucket

DIY Pumpkin Planter From A Painted Plastic Treat Bucket.

This planter is the perfect project for those who want to reuse leftover pumpkin-shaped treat baskets. All you need to do is to find some pumpkin orange paint and completely cover the bucket, then place your plant inside. The original carvings of the bucket will make it look realistic. via ribbonsandglue

Easy Yard Monsters

Easy Yard Monsters.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Turn your plants into little monsters by adding eyes to them. You can buy plastic eyes or make your own with paper or felt, and they will look even better if they end up lopsided. via agirlandagluegun

DIY Hanging Felt Bat Centerpiece

DIY  Hanging Felt Bat Centerpiece.

via betterhousekeeper

DIY Ghosts Made From Gourds

DIY Ghosts Made From Gourds.

Turn your garden into a haunted place with these charming little ghouls, which are simply made from dried and painted gourds covered in cheese cloth. via houseofhawthornes

DIY Halloween Wreath With Creepy Dollar Store Crows

DIY Halloween Wreath With Creepy Dollar Store Crows.

This wreath is quite creepy, and in all fairness not the simplest project you will see here, but the final result is truly impressive. You can find all the materials you need at affordable prices so you can put the wreath, felt crows and the sign together and welcome guests in spooky style on All Hallow’s Eve. via celebrateanddecorate

DIY Skeleton Lawn Decorations

DIY Skeleton Lawn Decorations.

Transition your backyard from summer to fall by seating a couple of plastic skeletons on your lawn chairs. Add some accessories to make the characters truly comical and you will have a fantastic Halloween decoration in your front or backyard. via helpfulhomemade

Giant Bloodshot-Eye Halloween Decor

Giant Bloodshot-Eye Halloween Decor.

These eye lawn decorations look quite cool and cartoony, but they are simply painted balls. Getting the design right isn’t very difficult, so this project is definitely accessible to all. via diynetwork

DIY Paper Lanterns For Halloween

DIY Paper Lanterns For Halloween.

These lanterns look super spooky with their glowing silhouetted forest scene. You can make a few of these and use them as decorative lanterns for your Halloween parties or movie nights. via liagriffith

Bat Book Page Banner For Halloween

Bat Book Page Banner For Halloween.

Bat banners like these are really easy to make. Cut the flags from old book or newspaper pages, then add the bat shapes made from black paper and hang everything on a clothesline or something similar to finish the project. via simpleasthatblog

DIY Chicken Wire Ghosts For Halloween Garden

DIY Chicken Wire Ghosts For Halloween Garden.

Here is how you make yourself some realistic lawn ghosts: you mold some chicken wire against a mannequin, doll or any other human-shaped form and place it on the lawn. via ehow

Cute Trash Bag Ghosts

Cute Trash Bag Ghosts.

These rag-doll style ghosts are perfect for celebrating Halloween with the kids. Their heads are foam decorated with colorful embellishments, while their bodies are white plastic bags, all of which can be found easily and inexpensively. via momspark

DIY Glow Stick Ghost Balloons

DIY Glow Stick Ghost Balloons.

Here’s an update on your traditional sheet yard ghosts. Place glow sticks inside balloons, then blow them and cover everything with your sheets or bags to make these come to life. via blogwithmom

Tea Light Pumpkins

Tea Light Pumpkins.

Little tea light pumpkins like these make really cute indoor Halloween decorations for those who don’t want to go overboard. They are made from several materials including ice cream sticks and beads, and they are safe for kids to help put together, so they are a great project all around. via smartschoolhouse

DIY Halloween Luminaries

DIY Halloween Luminaries.

Making cute Halloween luminaries like these is fairly easy. All there is to do is craft little baskets from decorated tissue paper, wooden sticks and glitter glue. Place tea lights inside and your luminaries will be ready to glow ominously on Halloween night. via thecraftpatchblog

DIY Skull Vase and Halloween Party Decor

DIY Skull Vase and Halloween Party Decor.

This vase looks somewhat like a sugar skull, and it is very easy to put together. All you need to do is hollow out a foam skull and place your vase inside. You can also easily take the vase out and use it regularly after Halloween is done. via persialou

DIY Ghost Windsock With Ribbon

 DIY Ghost Windsock With Ribbon.

Another fantastic project that can be done by big and little craft addicts. These ghosts are made from used tin cans which have been painted as ghosts and decorated with ribbon. You can hang them anywhere you want to spook up your yard during Halloween season. via chickenscratchny

Creepy Knife Blocks With Mummy Artwork

Creepy Knife Blocks With Mummy Artwork.

These knifeblocks are certainly not for the faint of heart, but they are easy to make and break. All you need to do is add a mummy dummy or even paper printout to your block and stab your knives through it, so that people are caught off guard during dinner parties. via makefuncreating

DIY Spider Sacs

DIY Spider Sacs.

Few decorations are as simple and spooky as this one. All you need for it are sacks, something to stuff them with and plastic spiders. Hang the stuffed sacks and glue the spiders on to get this frightening effect. via hellopapermoon

Trash Bag Spider

Trash Bag Spider.

Here’s another spider, yet this one isn’t nearly as spooky as the previous example. It is made from a stuffed trash bag, from which come out long tubing legs, and it is decorated with red eyes and white paper fangs. via angnorman

Yard Ghosts Ring Around Tree

Yard Ghosts Ring Around Tree.

These sheet ghosts are quite obviously dancing around the tree. They are mainly made from sheets which you can reuse afterwards, making this a very convenient project. via pinterest

DIY Styrofoam Spider

DIY Styrofoam Spider.

This little spider looks more on the cute than the spooky side, as it was made from styrofoam balls and decorated with glitter for the holiday season. via purplehuesandme

DIY Bat Lamp With Paper Bats And Removable Gluedots

DIY Bat Lamp With Paper Bats And Removable Gluedots.

This is a great way to dress up your existing decorations for Halloween. Make some black paper bats and then glue them inside the top of a light lamp so that their silhouettes are visible when the light is turned on. You will be able to return the piece to its normal state afterward if you use removable glue, so you should do that. via gluedots

DIY Halloween Mantle Trees Craft

DIY Halloween Mantle Trees Craft.

Create a little spooky forest on your mantle using paper cones, which you will then cover with skirts of dark green materials to mimic trees. Add little creature-like decorations at the foot of the trees to complete the scene. via wholesalepartysupplies

DIY Spooky Halloween Party Cups

DIY Spooky Halloween Party Cups.

The secret to having a fantastic Halloween party is in details like these cups. Try to find black cups or paint them if you can’t, then add small glued or painted eyes to achieve this look. The effect will be enhanced if you present them on black holders like in the picture. via cutefetti

DIY Zombie Hand Decor

DIY Zombie Hand Decor.

Would you like to scare your guests with a hand coming off the wall? This is the way to go. It’s as simple as gluing a fake hand to a frame and then boarding everything up around the hand to conceal the base. via consumercrafts

DIY Spell Book

DIY Spell Book.

Spell books like this are actually quite easy to make. You can make one from clay or a similar material, get one from the shop and personalize it or simply place pages containing a spell over a normal book. Set it by some herbs and candles to enhance the effect. via tiffcreativeoutlet

DIY Halloween Marquee Letters

DIY Halloween Marquee Letters.

Marquee letters are always trendy, but never hard to make. You can get the letters or make them with cardstock, then paint them purple or green and finally thread some orange fairy lights through to finish the project. via lollyjane

Pumpkin Origami Lights For Halloween

Pumpkin Origami Lights For Halloween.

These origami Jack-o-lanterns are just easy and just as complicated to make as they look. You need to make a pumpkin out of folded and cut orange paper, and once you get it, place a tea light inside to finish it off. via madame-citron


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