8 Isometric Drawing Exercises Collection

Isometric drawing is a way of 3D representation of an object on 2D surface. It is commonly used in engineering, architecture and related fields. For people who have no background in engineering or architectural, a multi-view drawing can be difficult to understand. Translating a multi-view drawing requires skill and imagination to mentally round out how the image looks. This is where an isometric drawing becomes beneficial. It combines three adjacent views to create an image with depth and volume. In this post we collected 8 isometric drawing exercises that may help to improve your skill. Enjoy them and feel free to leave your thoughts here.

Isometric Projection Explanation

Isometric drawing is way of presenting designs/drawings in three dimensions. The example below has been drawn with a 30 degree set square. Designs are always drawn at 30 degrees in isometric projection. It is vital that drawing equipment such as T-squares and 30/60 degree set squares are used carefully. The drawing paper should be clip securely to a drawing board.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Cubes

Using a basic isometric cube with 25mm sides or less, build up a shape similar to the one seen below. Remember, using a 30 degree set square is vital for this exercise. The only other lines are vertical lines. If you feel confident with drawing in isometric use blank paper otherwise use isometric paper (seen below). This paper has 30 degree lines and vertical lines already printed on it (similar to graph paper).


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Personal Stereo

Use the grid below to help you draw an isometric presentation of a simple personal stereo made by a company called ‘SUNY’. Draw the basic cuboid shape, the outline of the personal stereo. Then add the buttons on the top. Add the volume slide and finally the manufacturers name.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Printing

Printing in isometric is quite difficult. However, using the simple techniques outlined below will make this a relatively easy process.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Cubes on a 30 Degree Line

Drawing cubes in a line is relatively easy if simple rules are followed.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Circles and Cylinders

Drawing a basic isometric shape such as cube can be difficult the first time you attempt to draw it using a T-Square and 30 degree Set Square. However, after a few attempts the technique for drawing them can be mastered quite easily. On the other hand – isometric circles and cylinders are more difficult and drawing them requires practice.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Computer Diskette

An orthographic drawing showing the front and side view of a computer diskette is shown opposite. Draw the same diskette in isometric projection using the grid below. Estimate measurements.


Isometric Drawing Exercise of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone seen opposite has been drawn in isometric projection using traditional drawing equipment such as a 30 degree set square and T-square. This means that the phone can be seen in three dimensions.


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