40 Cute Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby showers should be memorable, elegant and most of all, fun. Cute baby shower decorations and food will please everyone on your guest list and make them feel special, including the expecting mom. Here are 40 Cute Baby Shower Decoration Ideas that can help to make your own baby shower decorations. Whatever is a boy or girl you can find some interesting ideas here.

Watermelon Baby Carriage for Baby shower

watermelon baby shower idea 1 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Panda Sushi Roll for Baby Shower

panda sushi roll baby shower 2 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Robot Inspired Shower

robot baby shower idea 3 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

robot baby shower idea 4 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Western Cowboy Baby Shower

western cowboy baby shower party 5 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

western cowboy baby shower party 6 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Velveteen Rabbit Baby Shower

velveteen rabbit baby shower 7 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

velveteen rabbit baby shower 8 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Bun in the Oven Baby Shower

bun in the oven baby shower 9 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

bun in the oven baby shower 10 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Camping Baby Shower

camping baby shower decoration idea 11 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

camping baby shower decoration idea 12 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Hooray For Baby

hooray baby shower decoration idea 13 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

hooray baby shower decoration idea 14 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Vintage Style Colorful Baby Shower

vintage style colorful baby shower 15 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

vintage style colorful baby shower 16 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Airline Baby Shower

airline baby shower idea 17 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

airline baby shower idea 18 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

airline baby shower idea 19 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Pat the Bunny Baby Shower

pat the bunny baby shower party 20 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

pat the bunny baby shower party 21 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Baseball Baby Shower for Boy

baseball baby shower for boy 22 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

baseball baby shower for boy 23 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Little Buckaroo Baby Shower

buckaroo baby shower decoration 24 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Train Themed Baby Shower

train themed baby shower 25 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Rain Themed Baby Shower for Girl

rain themed baby shower for girl 26 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Modern Chevron Baby Shower

modern chevron baby shower decor 27 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

modern chevron baby shower decor 28 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Cookies & Milk Baby Shower

cookies milk baby shower party 29 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

hot air balloon baby shower 30 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Alphabet Train Baby Shower

alphabet train baby shower 31 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Vintage Bear Themed Baby Shower

vintage bear themed baby shower 32 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Lala Loops Baby Shower for Girls

lala loops baby shower for girls 33 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Paper Shoes for Girl Baby Shower

paper shoes for girl baby shower 34 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Baby Shower Cupcake

baby shower cupcake decor 35 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Homemade Baby Shower Favors

homemade baby shower favors 36 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Blue Moon Baby Shower for Boy

blue moon baby shower for boy 37 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Sock Monkey Baby Shower for Boy

sock monkey baby shower for boy 38 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Whale Baby Shower for Boy

whale baby shower for boy 39 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

whale baby shower for boy 40 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Book Themed Baby Boy Shower

book themed baby boy shower 41 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

book themed baby boy shower 42 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Rock Star Baby Shower for Boy

rock star baby shower for boy 43 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Turtle Boy Baby Shower

turtle boy baby shower decor 44 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Happy Trails Spring Baby Shower for Girl

trails spring baby shower girl 45 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Spring Baby Shower for Girl

spring baby shower for girl 46 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Paper Doll Baby Shower for Girl

paper doll baby shower for girl 47 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

paper doll baby shower for girl 48 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Pretty Gold & Pink Baby Shower for Girl

gold pink baby shower for girl 49 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Shabby Garden Girl Baby Shower

shabby garden girl baby shower 50 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Ribbons and Ruffles Girl Baby Shower

ribbons ruffles girl baby shower 51 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Pink Elephants Girl Baby Shower

pink elephants girl baby shower 52 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Pink Bird Girl Baby Shower

pink bird girl baby shower 53 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Pink Giraffe Decoration Idea

pink giraffe decoration idea 54 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/

Rubber Ducky Boy Baby Shower

rubber ducky boy baby shower 55 http://hative.com/cute-baby-shower-decoration-ideas/