20+ Amazing Angelina Jolie Tattoos Pictures

Angelina Jolie is definitely an Oscar-winning female superstar who is famous for her full lips, husky voice, buxom figure and of course her tattoos. She has series of tattoos on her body and it seems she’s going to collect more. These amazing  Angelina Jolie tattoos pictures reflect her personality, exotic and a hint of dangerous sensuality. Probably she is the most popular tattooed female celebrity in the world today.

Angelina Jolie tattoos has become the subject of much media attention, and she infrequently adds or even changes existing tattoos. She has quite a lot experience with tattoo cover up and tattoo removal.

Here’s a collection of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos and the corresponding tattoo meanings:

Neck Tattoo

Gothic letter tattoo between Angelina Jolie’s shoulders says “Know Your Rights”, tattooed just below the base of her neck.  It’s the title of a song of her favorite band: the Clash. Done in 2004.

Angelina Jolie Neck Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on her left shoulder blade was a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script, the language of Cambodia. It is there to protect her and her adopted Cambodian son Maddox. Done in 2003 by Sompong Kanphai in Thailand.

Angelina Jolie Shoulder Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Shoulder Tattoo

Right Arm Arabic Script Tattoo

This tattoo on Angelina Jolie’s right arm means “Determination” or “strength of will” depending on translation. It covers up the abstract lines tattoo she had done together with her ex Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie Right Arm Tattoo

Left Arm Roman Numbers

Tattoo on her left underarm is the Roman number 13. She had it done because she doesn’t believe in superstitions. In 2009, this tattoo became XIII V MCMXL, which represent the date 5/13/40. 13 may 1940 is the date of Winston Churchill’s speech. In this famous speech, he said : “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo

Left Arm Tattoo Tennessee Williams

Tattoo on Jolie’s left arm are the words of Tennessee Williams: “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages.” Angelina Jolie’s mother Marcheline Bertrand was present when she got this tattoo in 1999.

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo Tennessee Williams

Cross Tattoo

This tattoo covers the little dragon with the blue tongue she had done in Amsterdam. Next to it is a phrase in Latin: “Quod me nutrit me destruit”, meaning “What nourishes me, destroys me.” Done the day before she married Johnny Lee Miller in 1995.

Angelina Jolie Cross Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Cross Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Cross Tattoo

Left Wrist Tattoo

On the inside of Jolie’s left wrist is the letter h. Depending on the source it is to remind her of her ex boyfriend Timothy Hutton or her brother, James Haven. Done in 1997.

Angelina Jolie Left Wrist Tattoo

Left Arm Tattoo Coordinates

These numbers are the geographical coordinates (longitudes and latitudes) from the locations where her children first entered her life.

  1. N11° 33′ 00″ E104° 51′ 00″ : the place in Cambodia where Angelina Jolie’s eldest son Maddox was born.
  2. N09° 02′ 00″ E038° 45′ 00″ : the place in Ethiopia were her daughter Zahara was born.
  3. S22° 40′ 26″ E014° 31′ 40″ : the place in Namibia (Swakopmund) where Angelina gave birth to her biological daughter with Brad Pitt, Shiloh (Hebrew for “the peaceful one”), was born.
  4. N10° 46′ 00″ E106° 41′ 40″ : the place in Vietnam where Angelina’s son Plax Then was born.
  5. N43° 41′ 21″ E07° 14′ 28″
  6. N43° 41′ 21″ E07° 14′ 28″:5 and 6 are a place in France for the twins Knox and Vivienne.
  7. Angelina added a 7th line of coordinates for Brad Pitt’s place of birth in Oklahoma.

The coordinates tattoo covers the place where the dragon tattoo and name of her ex husband Billy Bob used to be before they got lasered off. You can still see the dragon a bit.

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo

Back Tattoo Bengal tiger

This 12-inch long, 8-inch wide Bengal tiger tattoo on her lower back is Angelina Jolie’s latest. It was done in Bangkok on July 8, 2004, during a 2 hour session by tattoo artist Sompong Kanhphai who also blessed it by chanting an ancient hymn.

She had the tiger tattoo done to celebrate her Cambodian citizenship. The tiger tattoo was done in the traditional Thai tattoo style with a manual needle. The tiger’s tail covers her blue window tattoo.

Angelina Jolie Back Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Back Tattoo


Removed or Covered Up Tattoos

This is Angelina Jolie’s Asian dragon tattoo with the name of her second husband Billy Bob Thornton above it (added later). She had it removed after they broke up.

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo Removal

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo Removal


First Tattoo: this tattoo on Jolie’s left shoulder is the Japanese symbol for Death and it reminds her to live. She had it removed and now has the Khmer tattoo for her son Maddox on that place.

Angelina Jolie Shoulder Tattoo Removal Death

Angelina Jolie has 3 tattoos on her lower back: tribal tattoos, a blue window and a tribal dragon. The tribal dragon is now partly covered by the tiger tattoo. The window is symbol for the fact that she always found herself looking through the window, wishing she was somewhere else. The window is covered up by the tail of the Bengal tiger.

Dragon tattoo with blue tongue on Angelina’s hip is covered up by the cross tattoo.

Abstract lines tattoo design on Angelina Jolie’s right arm is a custom tattoo created by herself and Billy Bob Thornton. It is now covered up with the Arabic tattoo.

Courage: Tattoo on her right arm is the Japanese symbol for Courage. Her ex husband Johnny Lee Miller had a matching tattoo, that’s why she had it removed, it didn’t feel like her own.

Angelina Jolie Left Arm Tattoo Removal

Fake Tattoos In Films

When shooting a film, Angelina Jolie added fake tattoos to her existing tattoos or covered them up. Enjoy these blended or fake tattoos below:


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