30+ Cool Libra Tattoo Designs

Dancing Libra Stars

1 dancing libra stars

Infinity Libra

2 infinity libra tattoo

3 Libras on Ankle

3 3 libras on ankle

Leo, Libra and Heart on Wrist

4 leo libra and heart wrist

Libra, Flower and Butterfly on Back

5 libra flower butterfly back

Libra with Horse, Scorpion and Ying Yang

6 libra horse scorpion ying yang

Libra, Virgo and Ying Yang

7 libra virgo and ying yang

Libra Scale on Foot

8 libra scale on foot

Traditional Libra Scale

9 traditional libra scale

Traditional Libra Scale and Gril

10 traditional libra scale gril

Libra and Tree on Back

11 libra and tree back

Libra and Birds on Rib

12 libra and birds rib

Libra and Stars on Leg

13 libra and stars leg

Libra Scale Ear Tattoo

14 libra scale ear tattoo

Libra and Foxglove Flower

15 libra foxglove flower

Libra and Virgo Zodiac Symbols

16 libra virgo zodiac symbols

Traditional Libra Tattoo on Arm

17 traditional libra tattoo arm

Libra and Butterfly

18 libra butterfly tattoo


Simple Libra Letters

19 simple libra letters

Tribal Libra Tattoo on Arm

20 tribal libra tattoo arm

Lady Judgment

21 lady judgment tattoo

Cursive Libra

22 cursive libra tattoo

Libra on Arm

23 libra tattoo on arm

Libra on Foot

24 libra on foot

Libra Heart on Ankle

25 libra heart ankle

Libra Tattoo for Women

26 libra tattoo for women

Libra Star Tattoo

27 libra star tattoo

Tribal Libra on Back

28 tribal libra back

Libra Wrist Tattoo

29 libra wrist tattoo

Libra and Cherry Blossom

30 libra and cherry blossom

Simple Libra on Back

31 simple libra back

Tribal Libra on Back

32 tribal libra back

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