Great Spray Tan Tips

Thanks to modern day technology, there is a way to get a sun tan in a way that doesn’t damage your skin at all. Of course, you will also miss out on the warmth of the sun’s rays. But still, a sun tan without skin damage is better than no tan at all.

People get a lot of different results from using spray tans on themselves. There are a lot of brands, and not all of them are created equal. But whether or not you get good results from a spray on tan is also determined by how well you read the instructions and how well you prepare

There are many spray tan tips to ensure that you will get fabulous tans, but these ones below are essential to ensure that your tans not only start off great but stay great for a long time.

Great Spray Tan Tips.

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Prepare your skin well.

That means – exfoliate. If the skin has a buildup of dead skin cells and impurities, the solution will not go on even and more importantly – the natural exfoliation process will happen in different stages resulting in a patchy spray tan.

Shave or wax a day before spray tanning.

Once the tan is on you should not shave and not wax. Any of those will remove some of your top skin cells taking your tan off with them.

Choose spray tan color to complement your skin type.

If you are very pale and want to go deep brown, chances are you will turn out deep orange. Your skin cannot handle it. Go for the lightest shade and although you might not look as if you just came back from Hawaii at least, you will not look ridiculous. Light skin type – light tan, medium skin tone – light or medium tan, dark skin type – light, moderate or dark tan. If in doubt – go light.

Save your palms and soles from going brown.

Sticky feet and coating of barrier cream on all the nails and palms of your hands will stop the skin and nails from absorbing any spray tanning solution and turning brown. It is also a good idea to put a smudge of barrier cream on your knees, elbows and ankles to slow down the solution absorption as those areas usually turn out too dark.

Wear loose clothes for your session.

Anything tight will rub the fresh tan off, and you will finish with light patches. If possible – do not put tight underwear on and wear flip flops instead of shoes.

Stay away from moisture for at least 5 hours.

Water is the No. one enemy of fresh spray tans. Even light drizzle or some perspiration in the first hour can result in white patches. So – carry an umbrella, don’t do any washing up or exercising and give your tan a chance to develop fully.


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