25 Valentine’s Day Games For Kids

Valentine’s Day is a celebration for everyone. While kids don’t quite engage in romantic love yet, they are often drawn to the holiday – and who can blame them, when there are hearts, chocolates and stuffed toys all around?

Most children only celebrate Valentine’s Day at kindergarten, school or with family, but there is nothing wrong with a little puppy love and some romantic fun.

So whether you are hosting a Valentine’s themed party for your kids and their friends or you are a teacher trying to celebrate the holiday in a different and enjoyable way, there are plenty of Valentine’s games that kids can definitely play, so you should consider setting a couple of them up.

Not sure what we are talking about? Then it is a good thing that you still have time and this article is here to guide you through 25 Valentine’s Day Games For Kids.

Valentine Math Facts Game

Valentine Math Facts Game.

This game is simple to set up and fantastic for developing kids’ math skills. All you need to do is print or create the board and score sheet, add some dice and let the kids do the math so they can play and learn at once. via thisreadingmama

Heart Match Valentine’s Day Sight Word Game

Heart Match Valentine's Day Sight Word Game.

The game is meant to train reading and memory skills. The idea is to make pairs of pink and red hearts that feature the same word, then have the kids match the pink and red hearts so that they learn to recognize these words by sight. via thelettersofliteracy

Valentine’s Day DIY Balloon Pop

Valentine's Day DIY Balloon Pop.

This Valentine’s themed game is pure fun, as you make a cardboard heart, then cover it with small blown up balloons and give the kids “Cupid’s Arrows” so they can poke and bust the balloons much like they would a pisata. via handmadecharlotte

Shoot the Arrows

Shoot the Arrows.

Target-hitting games are fantastic for developing kids’ coordination, and this is one such game. You need to build a rainbow colored box with a heart-shaped hole, as well as some colorful “Cupid’s Arrows”. The goal is for kids to shoot their arrows into the heart, which is something relatively easy and safe to do. via agirlandagluegun

Cupid’s Arrow Toss

Cupid's Arrow Toss.

This is another target practice game. For this one, you will have to create some numbered targets as well as the arrows. Kids should aim their arrows in order to hit the targets and get the assigned points. via playgroundparkbench

My Heart Is Bursting

My Heart Is Bursting.

This is a fantastic activity to set up for the classroom or a kids party, as everyone can take part. All you need to do is build a giant heart out of pink or red cups filled with rewards like candy and stationery. Each kid is allowed to “burst” one of the cups and collect their reward, so they all leave with a gift. via balancinghome

Valentine Conversation Hearts Bingo Game

Valentine Conversation Hearts Bingo Game.

Here’s a great and innocent version of Bingo that everyone can play along. The board is filled with conversation hearts instead of numbers, and the pieces are colorful hearts as well, so it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. via playgroundparkbench

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures

Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures.

This is more of an activity than a game. All the kids have to do is place heart-shaped marshmallows on a grid of toothpicks to create a standing structure. You can make it into a game to find out who can finish their structure faster or whose structure lasts longer. via buggyandbuddy

Valentine’s Day Tumble Game

Valentine's Day Tumble Game.

This tumble Tower game is just like any other, except for the fact that it was decorated with hearts and each block has an instruction for the children to follow when they push it over. It’s a fun and interactive game the kids will love. via triedandtrueblog

Musical Hearts Reading, Moving, & Crazy-Fun Kid Game

Musical Hearts Reading, Moving, & Crazy-Fun Kid Game.

You’ve probably played “musical chairs”, so it shouldn’t be hard to understand what “musical hearts” are. You just make a bunch of different hearts with different actions written in, then place them on the ground. After they’re set up, all you need to do is put some music on, then off. The kids dance around when the music is on, then perform the tasks on the hearts when it stops. via teachmama

Heart Tube Stamping

Heart Tube Stamping.

Almost anything can be turned into a stamp, and tubes are no exception. All you need to do is shape yours into a heart then pass it on along with an inkpad or two and have your kids stamp away. via housingaforest

Boredom Buster Pom Pom Races

Boredom Buster Pom Pom Races.

What’s a pom pom race? Simple – it is a game where you create shapes on the ground, then arm your kids with small pom poms and straws. The idea is for them to move the pom poms along by blowing at them through the straws. via lemonlimeadventures

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

Here’s another pretty simple idea that almost any kid can take part in. Cut out a big cardboard heart, then draw the grid for a Tic-Tac-Toe game in the middle. Get appropriately sized hearts in two different colors – one for each player – and the game is ready to be played. via makeandtakes

Valentine’s Day Kisses Matching Game

Valentine’s Day Kisses Matching Game.

This is just what it looks and sounds like – a matching game that uses Hershey’s kisses. The idea is to glue different colored hearts at the bottom of the chocolate wrappers, then set them up and have the kids find matching pairs. Once again, the kids will have fun and get a treat while training their cognitive skills. via creationsbykara

Cupid’s Cups

Cupid’s Cups.

This is pretty much like your typical fair or bowling game, but with a Valentine’s twist. Stack six red cups in a pyramid with a heart at the top, then have your guests try to take them down to win points or treats. via playpartyplan

Valentine Monster Alphabet Game

Valentine Monster Alphabet Game.

This is another game meant to help preschoolers learn the alphabet and words. All you need to do is turn a tissue box into your “Valentine’s Monster” than make the hearts with the letters or words. The children have to read the hearts aloud before feeding the monster either by themselves or by being prompted. via iheartcraftythings

Cupid’s Arrow Math Learning Game

Cupid's Arrow Math Learning Game.

This is a multi-purpose game that is super easy to set up. All you need to do is get a poster board and draw a target of hearts on it. The kids will then have to throw straws onto the board to earn the points assigned to each heart. The idea is for them to sum their points up, thus training their addition skills, but they will also train coordination and target accuracy as a bonus. via teachbesideme

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Game

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Game.

This is another Valentine’s take on Tic-Tac-Toe. For this one, you will need to print your board onto some colored cardboard and then use two different colors of candy hearts as the game’s pieces. via justcallmechris

Valentine Chopstick Pick Up Game

Valentine Chopstick Pick Up Game.

Here’s another easy game to set up which will entertain kids for hours and develop their motor skills. Take some mini candy hearts and fill up a cupcake wrapper, then have the kids pick the hearts with chopsticks and watch them grow competitive as they master the skill. via savvysassymoms

Valentine Heart Stack

Valentine Heart Stack.

This is both a speed and skill game. What you need to do is get a bunch of conversation hearts, and have the kids stack them as well as possible under a certain time. The higher stack obviously wins. via makoodle

Valentine Hearts Spelling Game

Valentine Hearts Spelling Game.

This is a bit like Scrabble with a didactic Valentine’s twist. You need to make hearts with words and then letter squares. The kids then have to pick up one of the hearts and spell the word under it using the letter squares, thus practicing word recognition, reading and spelling. via coffeecupsandcrayons

Valentine Minute to Win It Tossing Game

Valentine Minute to Win It Tossing Game.

This is another target game that should be played at a party or classroom. You will paint several bottles pink then set them down as targets. Give each kid or team a set of colorful heart hoops and have them try to stick the hoops on the bottle necks from a distance. The one with the most hearts on the bottle wins. via happinessishomemade

Magnetic Heart or Love Bug Fishing Game

Magnetic Heart or Love Bug Fishing Game.

Pairing games are all pretty much the same. This one features pink magnetic hearts and love bugs which need to be paired up with their match. via macaronikid

Heart Hopscotch

Heart Hopscotch.

This is, once again, pretty much your regular hopscotch with a path made from colorful sheets of paper, except the numbers have been drawn inside hearts. You could replace the sheets with actual hearts to make it cuter and harder to play if you wanted. via toddlerapproved

Pin The Lips On Miss Valentine Game

Pin The Lips On Miss Valentine Game.

This is one of those games that are used to develop the senses and orientation, as children are blindfolded and then have to find and pin down the mouth of a giant animated heart on the wall. via searcymd

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