50+ Halloween Front Porch Decorations

It’s time to celebrate the Holidays. The odds are that you also love decorating your house inside and out.

Halloween is a big part of American culture, and definitely a fun time that several people enjoy engaging in. For these people, showing their spooky spirit and welcoming trick-or-treaters appropriately is a big priority.

Decking the house appropriately for All Hallow’s Eve doesn’t mean scattering fake spider webs in your living room where no one is likely to see them unless you host some kind of celebratory event. It means decorating your front porch to impress the strangers – children, teenagers and adults – which will be walking the streets on Halloween night.

This is what this article is all about – making that spooky first impression with your front porch decorations.

Ready for the spooky stuff? Then let’s look at these Halloween Front Porch Decorations.

Cut Up Black Plastic To Make A Spooky Porch

Cut Up Black Plastic To Make A Spooky Porch.

Want to give your porch a Haunted House entrance feel? This is an easy way to do it. Cut up uneven thin strips of black plastic like trash bags, for instance, and hang them up so that vistors have to go through them at the threshold.

Plastic Pumpkin Topiary

Plastic Pumpkin Topiary.

This topiary is the perfect way to decorate your porch plants for Halloween. Get a large stick in the middle of your plant and thread plastic Jack-O-Lanterns through it in a topsy turvy formation. They are sure to light up your porch in the creepiest way possible at nightfall. via hometalk

Tin Can Jack-O-Lantern

Tin Can Jack-O-Lantern.

It is another, more daytime and family friendly way to spruce up your porch plants for Halloween. Get some tin cans, clean and paint them like Jack-O-Lanterns and then use them as planters to show everyone your Halloween spirit. via chickenscratchny

Halloween Ghosts Made From Gourds

Halloween Ghosts Made From Gourds.

Turn your garden into a haunted place with these charming little ghouls, which are simply made from dried and painted gourds covered in cheese cloth. via houseofhawthornes

Easy DIY Halloween Glitter Witch’s Broomstick

Easy DIY Halloween Glitter Witch's Broomstick.

Now this is a serious Halloween porch decoration. The essencial materials you will need to complete this broomstick project are hay, paint, some kind of branch or stick and glitter. You can obviously add detail to your already impressive piece with streamers and other party acessories, as you see in the picture. via annsentitledlife

Harry Potter Floating Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls

IY “Harry Potter” Soaring Candles For Halloween Porch.

This decor is especially great at night. Cut out some paper towel rolls, paint them to mimic a candle, place a candle inside and make sure it won’t fall out, and hang the rolls with nylon from the ceiling. The nylon thread is transparent so your candles will definitely look like they’re floating on air. via warnerbros

Halloween Deco Mesh Garland For The Front Door

Halloween Deco Mesh Garland For The Front Door.

This is what you do when you want to go all out with your front porch decoration for Halloween. The door itself is decorated with a “boo” quote sign, but it is also framed by a black twisted mesh garland featuring several Jack-O-Lanterns, so you definitely couldn’t miss the theme. via honeybearlane

DIY Trash Bags Spiderwebs

DIY Trash Bags Spiderwebs.

Making a spider web is hard work – for spiders, that is. You can make your own the easy and cheap way by cutting spider webs out of folded trash bags. We can’t say they’ll be realistic or reusable, but they are cheap and you can easily make new ones every year. via fastforwardfun

Witch Parking Porch Display

Witch Parking Porch Display.

This is a really funny Halloween porch decoration, especially for kids. You need to plant some orange flowers, then stick two foam rolls accessorized with stockings and shoes among the flowers. Finish it all up by adding the “Witch Parking Spot” sign to your planter and you’ll have a really funny festive piece. via thatswhatchesaid

Raven Inspired Halloween Porch

Raven Inspired Halloween Porch.

This is a subtle way to make your porch look haunted. Get some fake pumpkins, then stick real or fake branches into their middle. Add some realistic ravens to random branches and it will look unassumingly creepy. via createcraftlove

Halloween Porch Deocration Using Hanging Black Bats And Witch Brooms

Halloween Porch Deocration Using Hanging Black Bats And Witch Brooms.

Here’s another one of those fully decked out porches. You can see pumpkins, black vases, a pair of black witch brooms by the doo rand even some bats waiting for their masters. You can make a lot of elements yourself, but the bats are especially easy because they are just shapes cut and bent from black cardboard paper and then suspended from invisible strings. via marthastewart

Spooky Halloween Front Porch With Raven And Skeleton

Spooky Halloween Front Porch With Raven And Skeleton.

Well, these are likely to catch your friends off guard. After all, you will have a plastic skeleton lounging on your porch bench with black ravens keeping him company as he overlooks the pumpkins. Might coax out some squeals and laughter from visitors indeed. via designimprovised

Spooktacular Front Porch With Drape Cheesecloth

Spooktacular Front Porch With Drape Cheesecloth.

These cheesecloth drapes are not only spooky, but also somewhat nauseating, as they were cut and hung to look like drooping spider webs. It’s a simple thing to make, but the impact is enormous for sure. via hgtv

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiaries

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiaries.

These twin stacked topiaries are made just like any other, as the pumpkins are simply stacked on top of each other. What takes them from Fall to Halloween is the tree design that climbs over each one, culminating with a raven on one side and a half moon on the other. via homesavvyatoz

DIY Giant Spider Web With Black Tape

DIY Giant Spider Web With Black Tape.

Another great example of a fully decorated porch. This one features a pair of ghosts flanking the door alongside giant trick and treat signs. The center piece, however, is a black giant spider web created on the floor using masking tape.

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries.

Floating candles? Why not floating witch’s hat instead? Truly creepy but truly creative, too. via polkadotchair

Halloween Tomato Cage Tree

Halloween Tomato Cage Tree.

This looks almost like a Christmas tree for the dead, as tomato cages house sparkling giant purple spiders. The best part is that it all lights up so it comes alive in the dark. via twotwentyone

DIY Illuminated Pumpkin Arch

DIY Illuminated Pumpkin Arch.

Why have only one Jack-O-Lantern when you can have tens of them at once? This entry archway is made of several fake carved pumpkins, all of which glow from the inside, as they should. via crazicarlos

Scary Halloween Front Porch

Scary Halloween Front Porch.

This porch is definitely inviting you into a decadent House of Horrors, judging by the rag-like drapes, the “beware” sign and the creatures lurking in the corners. via finecraftguild

DIY Wooden Halloween "BOO" Sign

DIY Wooden Halloween "BOO" Sign.

Here’s something that’s definitely more festive than creepy. The boo sign is made from a dark board with the word written using wooden letters painted in a striped pattern, and it is flanked by two little Jack-O-Lantern planters. Some plain, matching flowers complete the set up. via rusticdecor

Spray-Painted Pumpkin Planters

Spray-Painted Pumpkin Planters.

Pumpkin candy holders will cost less than a dollar in most stores, but you can transform them into some beautiful flower pots. A simple coat of your favorite spray paint and drilling some holes at the bottom before planting some flowers is all you need for this project. via gorgfabgoodies

Halloween Witch Hat Wreath

Halloween Witch Hat Wreath.

This is more of a sign advertising “Witch Parking Only” than an actual wreath, to be fair. All there is to it is a silky purple witch hat like you see in costumes, which was heavily decorated for this purpose. A matching plaque was placed underneath to finish the door decoration and drive the point home. via eventstocelebrate

Graveyard Front Porch

Graveyard Front Porch.

The house is a graveyard – the message is very clear. You have skeletons lounging around, a tombstone and lots of creepy silhouettes placed about to prove the point. Well done.

Halloween Garland and Wreath

Halloween Garland and Wreath.

Here’s another great example of a house that is truly ready to celebrate the Dawn of the dead. You have a spider door mat, creepy topiaries and then the main pieces, which are the skeleton garland framing the doo rand the black and orange monogram wreath in the middle. It’s hard to argue with this level of commitment. via lookiewhatidid

Halloween Graveyard

Halloween Graveyard.

This graveyard is so creepy. There are some tombstones along the path and sheet ghosts floating around, but it is definitely a subdued approach to the concept, which anyone could replicate with little effort.

Spooky Front Porch Decor with Discount Store Spider Webs and Spiders

Spooky Front Porch Decor with Discount Store Spider Webs and Spiders.

The Witch Is In

The Witch Is In.

via birshykat

Bat Halloween Front Door Decor

Bat Halloween Front Door Decor.

via itallstartedwithpaint

Skeletons Halloween Front Door Decor

Skeletons Halloween Front Door Decor.

Giant Spiderweb Halloween Front Door Decor

Giant Spiderweb Halloween Front Door Decor.

Halloween Sign

Halloween Sign.

via bostoninteriors

Trick or Treat Chair

Trick or Treat Chair.

via designimprovised

Halloween Front Porch Arrows

Halloween Front Porch Arrows.

via thehappyscraps

Witchy Front Porch

Witchy Front Porch.

via daybreakutah

Halloween Post Signs

Halloween Post Signs.

via eastcoastcreativeblog

DIY Rustic Pumpkin Stand

DIY Rustic Pumpkin Stand.

via domestically-speaking

Ghostly Graveyard

Ghostly Graveyard.

via womansday

Witch’s Pot

Witch's Pot.

via indulgy

Boarded Up Windows Using Cardboard And Skeleton Proped To Look Like It’s Trying To Get In

Boarded Up Windows Using Cardboard And Skeleton Proped To Look Like It's Trying To Get In.

via halloweenforum

Harry Potter Porch Sign

Harry Potter Porch Sign.

Head In A Lantern

Head In A Lantern.

via attagirlsays

Halloween Safety Warning – Especially for Witches

Halloween Safety Warning - Especially for Witches.

via purplechocolathome

Witch’s Pot Arrangement

Witch's Pot Arrangement.

via worldmarket

Ghostly Greeting Using Plastic Bowls And White Fabric

Ghostly Greeting Using Plastic Bowls And White Fabric.

Kids Friendly Front Porch With Witch And Ghosts

Kids Friendly Front Porch With Witch And Ghosts.

via partycity

Spooky Family

Spooky Family.

via lafamillenoire

DIY Witches Brooms

DIY Witches Brooms.

Decorate your doorway with a couple of witch’s brooms. You can make your own using a pole of wood and some straw. via tastefullyfrugal

DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts.

via porch

Halloween Funny Skeleton Dogs With Human Skeleton

Halloween Funny Skeleton Dogs With Human Skeleton.

Halloween Pallet Mummies

Halloween Pallet Mummies.

Halloween Owl Decorations

Halloween Owl Decorations.

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