30 Awesome Halloween Decorations

There’s nothing like Halloween decorations to get the holiday spirit of All Hallow’s Eve going. Setting you up for the mood for some spooky and festive celebrations, decorating your home with pumpkins, witches, ghosts, ghouls, and everything black and orange will have everyone dressing up in their Halloween costumes and ready to do some naughty trick or treating.

Whether you’re setting up your home with creepy and scary decorations or placing some super cute Halloween-themed trinkets, decorating this Halloween will surely transform your home into one spooktaculiar bonanza.

Don’t know where to get some unique and awesome Halloween decorations? Why not make some of your own? You don’t have to spend much. With just a few supplies and creativity, you can definitely fill your home with some great Halloween fun. Here are some awesome Halloween decoration ideas for your home.

DIY Cardboard Tombstones for Halloween Yard Decoration

DIY Cardboard Tombstones for Halloween Yard Decoration.

Turn your front yard into a spooky cemetery with these DIY cardboard tombstones. Cut out a few pieces of cardboard into tombstones, paint or spray them in grey, and write down an epitaph or spooky message, and stick them to the ground. source

Halloween Yard Decoration

Halloween Yard Decoration.

Another front yard idea, dig a hole in your yard big enough to place a lamp. Place a lamp in the hole, a few pieces of wood to cover it up, and place a pair of arms reaching out to mimic a secret dungeon or basement. Your neighbors will surely look twice if someone is indeed trying to get out from the ground. source

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Lantern

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Lantern.

Prepare 3 mason jars and decorate them to spell out BOO! Decorate them with anything you want – be it spiders or some simple orange ribbons. Place candles inside, light them up, and place them on your coffee table. source

Upcycled Halloween Village Luminaries

Upcycled Halloween Village Luminaries.

Color your mason jars in purple, glue some Halloween village cutouts, and place a lighted candle inside – perfect for a table centerpiece whether it be your dinner or coffee table. source

Super Easy Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Super Easy Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries.

Want to make a simple Halloween luminary? Why not decorate your jars with Halloween’s iconic symbols such as the pumpkin and black cat? source

Spooky Eyes Mason Jar Halloween Party Decoration

Spooky Eyes Mason Jar Halloween Party Decoration.

Eyeballs are always creepy. If you don’t want to paint your mason jars, get some glue and googly eyes and cover everything up for that all-seeing eye. Place it on your coffee table and have some creepy conversations! source

Creepy DIY Dripping Bloody Candles for Halloween Decoration

Creepy DIY Dripping Bloody Candles for Halloween Decoration.

Get some crayons and one big candle. Get the creep on by melting different dark colors of crayons that drip from the candle. source

Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Halloween Tin Can Luminaries.

If you don’t want to use or buy mason jars, you can make use of a tin can that’s lying around the house for your luminary. Puncture holes into a tin can and make any word or image you want. Place a candle inside and voila!! Your very own tin can luminary. source

DIY Bleeding Halloween Candles

DIY Bleeding Halloween Candles.

Blood will always bring on the fright. Melt a red candle and create the dripping effect on a white candle for some blood-stained decoration. source

Harry potter Soaring Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls

Harry potter Soaring Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls.

This decor is especially great at night. Cut out some paper towel rolls, paint them to mimic a candle, place a candle inside and make sure it won’t fall out, and hang the rolls with nylon from the ceiling. The nylon thread is transparent so your candles will definitely look like they’re floating on air. source

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries.

Floating candles? Why not floating witch’s hat, instead? Truly creepy but truly creative, too. source

DIY Masking Tape Hand Prop

DIY Masking Tape Hand Prop.

Use your very own hands as the mold for this decoration. Cover your hand with masking tape, then cut it out in the middle, cover the cut part with masking tape, and shape properly to mimic a set of hands. Stick them on the ground and make a yard filled with creepy hands trying to make their way out of a grave. source

Halloween Mantle Decoration Mantle

Halloween Mantle Decoration Mantle.

If you’re in a hurry and not much supplies, you can make use of black crepe paper to make a mantle over a fireplace or any place in your home for that matter. source

Spooky Fireplace for Halloween

Spooky Fireplace for Halloween.

Your fireplace is the focal point of your living room, so why not turn it into a scary monster? Make a pair of huge eyes, some red light, and make your monster face for a frightful fireplace. source

Super Cool Vampire Doormat for Halloween Day

Super Cool Vampire Doormat for Halloween Day.

Welcome your family and guests with this super cute vampire teeth floor mat. You can paint an ordinary floor mat with a set of vampire teeth, or you can cut out some white felt fabric to do the job. Don’t forget to add that touch of blood by painting the tips of the teeth red. source

Easy Boo Sign for Halloween Front Door Decoration

Easy Boo Sign for Halloween Front Door Decoration.

Cut out the words BOO from a piece of cardboard, paint them in the color that you want, hang them, and greet your friends with the famous Halloween greeting. source

DIY Gilded Insect Faux Taxidermy

DIY Gilded Insect Faux Taxidermy.

Dead animals and insects are always creepy. Create your very own taxidermy by buying some animals or insect toys, placing them on mounts, and hanging them on the wall. source

DIY Cardboard Zombie Barricade

DIY Cardboard Zombie Barricade.

Create a barricade on your windows and even staircase with card board cut outs of pieces of wood, and some black arms that creep out of the space between the barricade. source

Eyeball Flowers

Eyeball Flowers.

Buy some plastic or fabric flowers, paint them black or deep purple, and glue a piece of large eyeball in the middle for some creepy flowers. Don’t forget to place them in pots or jars for an unexpected fright. source

Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost.

Ghosts are always fun to decorate your home with. Buy a piece of cheesecloth, drape it over a ball being held by a plastic bottle, spray the cloth with a mixture of white glue and water, and wait to dry. Once the cloth has stiffened, add some eyes and decorate as you please. But always remember where you placed them, as you might even scare yourself when you see it at night. source

Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights

Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights.

Using the same technique as the Floating Ghost, cut out some small pieces of cheesecloth, and when stiffened, place them over Christmas lights to create your little army of ghosts. source

DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings

DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings.

Bloody handprints are truly awesome when you want to get the freak on. Mix white glue with red poster paint and cover your palm with the mixture. Wait until dry and pull it off to create your bloody handprint. Using the mixture, make some dripping blood, thread them with nylon, and hang them wherever you please. source

Homemade Little Bats for Halloween Wall Decoration

Homemade Little Bats for Halloween Wall Decoration.

For a simple DIY Halloween decoration with no mess, simply cut out some bats from a piece of black board paper, and stick them to your wall. source

Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes.

Cut out some eye shapes on paper towel rolls and place glow sticks inside – place them in dark areas of your home, making them perfect for a Halloween party surprise. source

Easy Halloween Garland from Yarn

Easy Halloween Garland from Yarn.

If you don’t want the creepy decorations, make a simple garland and hang Halloween’s symbols for that cute yet festive decor. source

Super Easy DIY Witches Brooms

Super Easy DIY Witches Brooms.

Decorate your doorway with a couple of witch’s brooms. You can make your own using a pole of wood and some straw. source

Get Kids To Wash Their Hands The Fun Way with This Cool Halloween Soap Dispenser

Get Kids To Wash Their Hands The Fun Way with This Cool Halloween Soap Dispenser.

Drop some creepy toys inside hand sanitizers and make your kids enjoy cleaning their hands. source

Awesome Balloon Halloween Decoration

Awesome Balloon Halloween Decoration.

If you’re having a party and want some instant Halloween party decor, cut out some black tulle and wrap your balloons with the fabric for an eerie effect. source

DIY Black Cat O’Lanterns

DIY Black Cat O’Lanterns.

Paint your pumpkins black and turn them into one of Halloween’s most famous symbol – the curse of the black cat. source

Use A Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin As A Mold For A Concrete Halloween Ornament

Use A Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkin As A Mold For A Concrete Halloween Ornament.

Tell your guests that Medusa is creeping around by showing them this concrete pumpkin. Want to make one for yourself? Use a plastic pumpkin as mold, fill it up with concrete, and once it’s dried, cut out the plastic and your concrete pumpkin is ready to get the scare going. source

DIY Black Roses & Eyeball Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary

DIY Black Roses & Eyeball Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary.

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DIY Medusa Ideas

DIY Medusa Ideas.

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