40+ Creative Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoo, also known as bff tattoo, is a popular and fun way to show off your awesome relationship with your best friend. There are many ways to symbolize friendship. Here we offer not only the traditional symbols of friendship, but also some unique and original best friend tattoo designs. These bff tattoo designs can be used individually or incorporated with names, phrases or other symbols to create the perfect friendship tattoo.

Best Friend Tattoos for Girls

1 best friend tattoos for girls

Anchor with Ribbon on Ankle

2 anchor with ribbon on ankle

to infinity and beyond tattoo on wrists

3 to infinity and beyond tattoo on wrists

Matching Infinity Heart on Feet

4 matching infinity heart on feet

Ying Yang Wrist Tattoo for Best Friends

5 ying yang wrist tattoo for best friends

Best Friend Tattoos for Girls on Ankles

6 best friend tattoos for girls on ankles

Earphone BFF Tattoos on Feet

7 earphone bff tattoos on feet

Beauty is Madness with Scissors and Ribbons

8 beauty is madness with scissors and ribbons

To Infinity and Beyond on Rib

9 to infinity and beyond on rib

Diamond for Girls

10 diamond for girls

Three Birds for Friends

11 three birds for friends

BFF Tattoos on Wrists

12 bff tattoos on wrists

Clip Hearts for Best Friends

13 clip hearts for best friends

Anchor and Wheel

14 anchor and wheel bff tattoo

Puzzle Pieces BFF Tattoo

15 puzzle pieces bff tattoo

Broken Heart Shape BFF Tattoos

16 broken heart shape bff tattoos

Watercolor Best Friend Tattoos on Arm

17 watercolor best friend tattoos on arm

Best Friend Tattoos for Girls

18 best friend tattoos for girls

Cute Cartoon BFF Tattoos

19 cute cartoon bff tattoos

Small Finger Tattoos for Friends

20 small finger tattoos for friends

Ear Anchor for Best Friends

21 ear anchor for best friends

Chemical Dopamine on Arm

22 chemical dopamine on arm

Peanut Butter Jelly on Feet

23 peanut butter jelly on feet

Italian symbol for Friend on Fingers

24 italian symbol for friend on fingers

Matching Butterfly on Forearm

25 matching butterfly on forearm

Pinky Promise for Friends

26 pinky promise for friends

Birds on Wrists

27 birds on wrists bff tattoo

Key and Lock for Friends

28 key and lock for friends

Birds anc Cage on Feet

29 birds anc cage on feet

Matching Best Friend Tattoos for Girls

30 matching best friend tattoos for girls

Perfectly Imperfect for Friends

31 perfectly imperfect for friends

Cute Matching Tattoos on Hand

32 cute matching tattoos on hand

Matching BFF Tattoos on Arms

33 matching bff tattoos on arms

Anchor, Infinity, Stingray and Tree on wrists

34 anchor infinity stingray and tree on wrists

Best Friend Jigsaw Piece Heart

35 best friend jigsaw piece heart

Cursive Font Foot Tattoos for Best Friends

36 cursive font foot tattoos

World Map and Compass on Arms

37 world map and compass on arms

Cute Cartoon Wrist Tattoos

38 cute cartoon wrist tattoos

Matching Heart on Arm

39 matching heart on arm

Matching Stars for Friends

40 matching stars for friends

Matching Brids for Friends

41 matching brids for friends

Matching Infinity Heart on Arms

42 matching infinity heart on arms

Infinity Heart Beat

43 infinity heart beat

Arrow BFF Tattoos

44 arrow bff tattoos

Dandelion, Butterfly and Music Notes on Shoulder Blade

45 dandelion butterfly music notes shoulder blade

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