30+ DIY Stocking Holders For Christmas Decoration

Stockings are a big part of Western Christmas tradition. While Santa Claus tends to leave most large presents under the tree, it is a habit for families to hang their stockings by the fireplace and exchange small gifts through them.

Fireplaces don’t usually come ready with hangers though, and some people don’t even own a fireplace or a mantel at all. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to or can’t hang their stockings like everyone else.

If you’re in a situation where you would like to hang some stockings for Christmas but have no idea where or how to do it safely and in a cute manner, we are here to help you, because this article is all about hanging stockings in the most unique ways.

All of these projects are DIY, so you may want to get ready for some work, but other than that, we can guarantee you will absolutely find something that works for you here.

Continue reading to learn about these DIY Stocking Holders For Christmas Decoration and then be quick to choose your project, because Christmas is right around the corner!

DIY Holiday Stocking Holder Made From Pallet

DIY Holiday Stocking Holder Made From Pallet.

This holder can go anywhere, and it’s not hard to make. A pallet was repainted, then small hooks – nails work for this too – were installed in a row on one of the middle pieces, where stockings are hung with snowflakes. The words “Let it Snow” serve as additional decoration. via beautydecorandmore

DIY Wood Box Stocking Hanger

DIY Wood Box Stocking Hanger.

This wooden box is used both as a decorative planter and stocking hanger. The plants are inside, topped with traditional Christmas baubles, while the outside features a row of knobs where the stockings can be hung. via amomstake

DIY Christmas Stocking Hanger For Homes Without A Mantle

DIY Christmas Stocking Hanger For Homes Without A Mantle.

This is the stocking hanger you’ve been looking for if you don’t own a mantle or fireplace. It is simply a long piece of wood that was covered in red fabric and then decorated with a white quote and snowflakes. It features a row of hooks at the bottom, which is obviously meant for hanging stockings. via listfullyblissful

DIY Chalkboard Stocking Hangers

DIY Chalkboard Stocking Hangers.

This project is quite different, as it features individual hangers placed on a shelf. Each box has a chalkboard on the front, where you can write the name of each stocking’s owner. via hgtv

DIY Christmas Stocking Displaying Rack

DIY Christmas Stocking Displaying Rack.

Here’s another unique project, where a shelf was created on the wall to serve as a stocking hanger. Three frames were placed in this shelf of sorts, each of them featuring a hook and the picture of the stocking’s owner. Together, they make a gorgeously special hanging rack. via realitydaydream

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder From Repurposed Headboard

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder From Repurposed Headboard.

Turning an old headboard into a stocking rack or holder is a beautiful idea. This one was painted bright red with white accents, and features very little decoration aside from that. Metallic hooks installed along the bottom of the spindles hold the family’s stockings. via designdazzle

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Wooden Set

DIY Christmas Stocking Holder Wooden Set.

These beautiful individual stocking hangers are simply smooth pieces of wood with white shapes painted prominently in the middle and metallic hooks at the bottom, where the stockings hang. via etsy

DIY Candy Cane Stocking Post

DIY Candy Cane Stocking Post.

Now this is a different way to hang your Christmas stockings altogether. The giant, shimmering candy cane features a long, wide thread all along its structure from which decorations and stockings are hung, sitting right by the pile of presents. via hertoolbelt

DIY Wooden Family Stocking Hangers

DIY Wooden Family Stocking Hangers.

This project has a distinctly vintage and grown up aesthetic, as identical patterned sacks are hung from wooden picture frames spaced evenly on a shelf, which feature the owner’s picture in black and white. via shanty-2-chic

DIY Stocking Hanger Post

DIY Stocking Hanger Post.

This post looks like a fire hydrant, but it is festive and functional anyway. The column features hooks just under its decorative top for the stockings to hang, and then it has a matching base to stand on. via dukesandduchesses

DIY Stocking Hanger From A Stick And Hangers

DIY Stocking Hanger From A Stick And Hangers.

This is more of a simple, naturalistic rack, as it is made from a broken tree branch hung from a mistletoe topped string. Hangers serve as hooks from which the identical stockings hang. via househomemade

Snowman Christmas Stocking Holder

Snowman Christmas Stocking Holder.

This snowman stocking holder is once again a post secured by a base with a decorative top – the head. While it has buttons all along the post, which could have been hangers, the stockings are actually dangling from its tree branch arms. via smartgirlsdiy

DIY Christmas Village Silhouette Stocking Hanger Box

DIY Christmas Village Silhouette Stocking Hanger Box.

This Christmas village silhouette placed under the wreath is a gorgeous hanger for your Christmas stockings. It is made from heavy duty cardboard or thin wood and features small metallic knobs to hang the stockings. via jenwoodhouse

DIY Nativity Scene Stocking Holder

DIY Nativity Scene Stocking Holder.

These black and white shelf hangers are quite nice and elegant, because when you look at them all in a row you will see the silhouette of the Nativity scene just above the stockings. via u-createcrafts

DIY $5 Christmas Ornament Decorated Stocking Holder

DIY $5  Christmas Ornament Decorated Stocking Holder.

Here’s something cute, cheap and easy to make but which causes a big impact as well. These holders are made from red and green ornaments placed on gold foiled bases, which secure them to the wall like mini shelves. A small gold knob at the front allows you to hang your stocking from one of these. via downhomeinspiration

DIY Rustic Numbered Wall Mounted Stocking Holder

DIY Rustic Numbered Wall Mounted Stocking Holder.

Here’s another simple, vintage-looking holder that doesn’t take a lot of work to make. It is just a large piece of wood painted white with a distressed aesthetic and decorated with numbers. A vintage hook was placed under each number to hold a stocking. via simplykierste

Cute DIY Stocking Holder Made With Tin Pails

Cute DIY Stocking Holder Made With Tin Pails.

These tin pails were weighted with sandbags, then covered with beige fabric and tied off with a festive bow so they could turn into cute yet very unusual stocking hangers. via athoughtfulplaceblog

White Wood With The Red Writing DIY Stocking Holder

White Wood With The Red Writing DIY Stocking Holder.

This stocking holder is another large piece of wood painted white and then decorated with a quote, which was written in red this time. It was placed on the mantel and features large knobs at the front for the stockings.

DIY Snow Globe Stocking Holder

DIY Snow Globe Stocking Holder.

Transform your collection of snow globes into gorgeous stocking holders by installing a decorative glass knob at the front of each one and then spreading them out in a row on a shelf with the stocking secured to the knobs. via hallmarkchannel

DIY Christmas Tree Shelf Stocking Holder

DIY Christmas Tree Shelf Stocking Holder.

This wooden hollow and tiered Christmas tree decoration is fantastic because it holds decorations in each of its shelves. It also features hooks at the base, from which the stockings will hang. via myrepurposedlife

DIY Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holder

DIY Snowflake Christmas Stocking Holder.

This stunning wall stocking rack is a long piece of wood painted gray and then covered in a metallic snowflake pattern. A row of glass knobs was installed towards the bottom to hang the stockings. via frugalmomeh

DIY Elegant Wood Stocking Hangers

DIY Elegant Wood Stocking Hangers.

Elegant and easy, these holders are definitely simple to create than you’d think. They are made of two white wooden boxes. The top one features a natural colored monogram sign, while the bottom one, which rests on the shelf, features a large glass knob to hang the stocking. via fynesdesigns

DIY Wooden Reindeer Stocking Holders

DIY Wooden Reindeer Stocking Holders.

This is elegant and festive all at once. There are little dark wood alcoves on the wall with red reindeer heads inside, and then a knob at the front from which the actual stocking hangs. via southernrevivals

DIY Festive Stocking Hangers

DIY Festive Stocking Hangers.

These little hangers are stacked boxes which were wrapped like presents and placed on a dresser or mantel. The stockings hang from hooks placed on the front of the lower boxes, which have been left unwrapped. via sugarbeecrafts

DIY Tree Stumps Stocking Hangers

DIY Tree Stumps Stocking Hangers.

This is what you do when you want a naturalistic festive stocking rack. You take some tree stumps, decorate them with greens and fake snowflakes and then push a stick into the front to serve as the actual hanger. via tidbits-cami

DIY Box Stocking Holders

DIY Box Stocking Holders.

This project is another take on the box hanger. It is made from wrapped boxes with a name tag at the front and a festive planter on top. The stockings hang underneath, and the whole row spells the word “Jolly” in 3D red letters. via homedepot

Wrapped Gift Stocking Holders

Wrapped Gift Stocking Holders.

This mantel serves both as gift display and stocking rack. The gifts are of course decorative only, and the stockings hang from large hooks that fall from the edge like undone ribbon. via hgtv

DIY Light Up Joy Stocking Holders

DIY Light Up Joy Stocking Holders.

This mantel is truly festive, as a “Joy” marquee sits on top, among a good amount of seasonal greenery. Aside from adding light and decoration, the letters also feature hooks at the base, from which the white stockings hang. via twothirtyfivedesigns

DIY Stocking Ladder

DIY Stocking Ladder.

Here’s a great way to incorporate your ladder into the holiday decoration while also finding a place for the stockings. Wrap a string of lights around the ladder to make it prettier then hang your stockings from the rungs for a tiered effect. via christinasadventures

Glitter Christmas Tree Stocking Hanger

Glitter Christmas Tree Stocking Hanger.

Here’s a cool and pretty way to hang your stockings. Find or create a glittering Christmas tree on a white stand, add a knob at the front and then place your trees on a table or similar surface so the stocking hang down from the edge. via artsyfartsymama

DIY Rustic Stocking Holders

DIY Rustic Stocking Holders.

These rustic-chic holders have a smooth wooden background decorated with festive paintings and figures, which is supported by a velvet-looking box. All of the boxes feature a knob at the front and sit in a row on the mantel with the stockings hanging down. via honeybearlane

Creative Lantern Topped Stocking Holder

Creative Lantern Topped Stocking Holder.

This vintage lantern is placed on a pedestal decorated with bunches of flowers and red bows. The ribbons hang down and serve as the hangers for the stockings that have been placed along the post almost to the floor. via remodelandolacasa

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